Famous families are no unheard of in Hollywood. Indigenous the Olsen sisters to the Hemsworth brothers, yes no shortage of family talent in showbiz. Desperate Housewives actor Eva Longoria and major league baseball player Evan Longoria are another pair that many people have wondered about in the past. Take a look in ~ both of their careers and also find the end if the two celebrities room actually related. 

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Eva Longoria’s trip in the spotlight

Actress Eva Longoria, best known for her function in the TV series 'Desperate Housewives,' has been awarded a star ~ above Hollywood's go of reputation https://t.co/i5nTQxGeQj pic.twitter.com/Q558XHZRrt

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Eva Longoria is most often connected with her time top top Desperate Housewives. The ABC series ran because that eight seasons prior to sadly comes to an finish in 2012. After desperate Housewives Eva Longoria made appearances top top shows choose Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Telenovela. More recently, the talented and beautiful actor played Carmen in the 2020 film Sylvie’s Love. However, before her work on Wisteria Lane, Eva Longoria appeared in a couple of soap operas. 

Her fans and also followers can be surprised to discover that she actually was in over three hundred episodes of The Young and also the Restless. From 1976 to 2003 Eva Longoria played Isabella Braña Williams. The gibbs also an extremely briefly showed up on General Hospital together a “Brenda Barrett Lookalike”. IMDb has actually outlined her impressive and remarkable career, and it doesn’t seem choose the star to plan on preventing anytime soon. 

A closer look into Evan Longoria’s career

"Welcome home, Evan Longoria." –Duane Kuiper
Evan3Longoria | #SFGiants pic.twitter.com/3cWfq6Q4DY

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SFGiants) respectable 15, 2020

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Evan Longoria, likewise known together Longo in the MLB, is popular for his baseball skills. Just recently, the talented player was celebrated for gaining the mountain Francisco Giants the team’s very first run the the season. As soon as Evan Longoria’s career was acquisition off he was drafted come the Tampa bay Rays. After spending a decade playing because that Florida, Evan Longoria change his job to san Francisco whereby he join the Giants. Due to the fact that Longoria is a aboriginal of California plenty of imagined it to be a move he would appreciate. 

Is Eva Longoria and Evan Longoria related?

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Evan Longoria, a popular player indigenous the MLB, and Eva Longoria, one of Hollywood’s most well known actors, have actually very comparable names, but are they in reality related? during a Wired interview, Eva Longoria answer the question once and for all. Despite the pair room not associated at all, Eva Longoria walk share a funny anecdote behind your extremely similar and mutual name.

The actor described that no hope Housewives was at its peak when Evan Longoria’s baseball job was obtaining started. As a result, as soon as the rookie would go up to bat, the group would often chant “Eva, Eva, Eva”. The baseball player didn’t love it, yet it must have not bothered the expert athlete too much since he went on to victory Rookie the the Year.

When Eva Longoria heard about the news, she sent the baseball celebrity some champagne with a keep in mind apologizing about their name similarities. Once Evan Longoria received the actor’s thoughtful gift he reverted the gesture and sent Eva Longoria among his signed jerseys and also a blog post explaining that he find the uncanny simultaneous to be an honor.