This drawing depicts George Washington getting here in brand-new York by barge top top his inauguration job on April 30, 1789. The nation's an initial president took his oath that ofiice top top the balcony of commonwealth Hall on wall Street. (AP Photo)

Here's a summary of what we were able to determine concerning what's closed for Presidents work on Monday, Feb. 18.

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While the term Presidents day is commonly used because that the federal holiday, the official designation is Washington’s Birthday, to honor the first president that the joined States, George Washington, whose birthday is on Feb. 22. The holiday additionally – in some states - is known as honoring Abraham Lincoln, whose date of birth is on Feb. 12, and all United states presidents.



Capital Area Transit will run on a modification schedule. Paths not in service are - 2, 23, 81, 82, 120, MX and CX.


Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry and York ar offices and also courts will certainly be closed.



Dauphin county Library device is closed. Cumberland ar Library System and Hershey and also Middletown windy libraries are open.

Most local government offices are closed including Camp Hill, Carlisle, Derry Twp., Dillsburg, Hampden Twp.,Lower Allen Twp., reduced Paxton Twp., Palmyra, silver- Spring Twp., Susquehanna Twp. And also Upper Allen Twp.

Pennsylvania room of transport driver's license and photo patent centers will certainly be closed Feb. 16 and also 18.

Most institutions will be closed, however, check with your institution district - some are using Feb . 18 together a snow makeup day.

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