Since the very first episode of we tv's reality show Brat Loves Judy starring Platinum rapper Da Brat and also her girlfriend, Jesseca "Judy" Dupart, Judy has been to plan to suggest to the artist at a fake surprise birthday. Audience who have tuned in to the show have watched Judy choose out engagements rings, choose a venue, and make out a guest list, every in ready for the large day. Among those guests that Judy invited was Brat's sister, actress LisaRaye McCoy.

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Brat's girlfriend entirely wanted LisaRaye to be there because that the big event, yet she wasn't certain if she would come because there's been some tension in between the hip-hop artist and her sister. In 2020, a birthday surprise turned sour. In solemn event of her sister’s 53rd birthday, Brat virtually showed up on LisaRaye's Fox soul streaming speak show, Cocktails with Queens, with she sister's co-hosts come wish she a happy birthday. Together Brat doted ~ above her huge sister, LisaRaye came to be extremely emotional.


While giving LisaRaye she praises, Brat hinted the she and also her sister had actually not been in communication for fairly some time and that they have a strained relationship. Instantly LisaRaye’s tears dried up, and she had actually a frown on she face. The was obvious that when LisaRaye started to respond to her sister the those tears to be from frustration and also not of joy. These 2 have had actually their ups and downs end the years but have constantly remained closed. Keep analysis to find out why Brat has beef with her sister.

Why there is beef between Da Brat and also LisaRaye needs to do somewhat with her partnership with Judy. LisaRaye appeared on the premiere of Season 8 the OWN's hit television series, Iyanla, resolve My Life, and also let that all the end to views about why she and Brat have actually beef. The actress talked around why she's upset v her sister.

She shared, "My upsetness is in reality my feeling is hurt. When she come out to the public, I understand she's going v a change and stuff, but she have a brand-new relationship, but this specific relationship, i haven't heard anything. And also when i say anything, I average anything." LisaRaye stated on Cocktails with Queens the she never spoke through Brat about her gift in a relationship with Jesseca yet instead heard around it in the blogs.

LisaRaye and also Judy had a working relationship with one another, and also Brat in reality met her girlfriend through her sister. When on Fix mine Life, LisaRaye also discussed Brat surprising she for she birthday. She stated, "And then once they tried to surprised me on my show, ns was shocked the she had also agreed to come on to say happy birthday."

She added, "Then she claimed we've had some street in our relationship, and also then once she said that, it was like, i don't also want, ns don't also know how to think about this."

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In illustration 3 that Brat Loves Judy that aired on Aug. 26, audiences experienced Brat and also her sister take on in a loving hug at her surprise party. It to be the very first time the two of them had actually been challenge to challenge in rather a while. In the forthcoming episode, the sisters will get together come hash the end everything. Hopefully, Brat and LisaRaye can make amends and get their relationship earlier on track.

Brat Loves Judy airs top top Thursdays in ~ 9 p.m. EST on we tv.

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