FANS of the A yellowcomic.comllection Of regrettably Events books were surprised to find that the brand-new Netflix yellowcomic.comllection had added a major plot twist.

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A yellowcomic.comllection Of Unfortunate occasions introduces 2 mysterious characters known only as Mother and Father

Another said: “The plot twist around the parents in A yellowcomic.comllection of Unfortunate occasions is for this reason rude.”

Book reader will know that Mr and also Mrs Quagmire room members the the same secret society as the Baudelaire parents and also have a similarly big fortune.

Unfortunately Mr and also Mrs Quagmire ultimately perish in a fire, and also Duncan and also Isadora are sent out to Prufrock Preparatory school – where they meet the Baudelaires.



Will Arnett and yellowcomic.combie Smulders pat Mother and Father


The Baudelaire kids were orphaned in a fire

It is thought that Quigley likewise died in the blaze.

In later books, the Baudelaires briefly believe that one of their parents survived the fire.

They find a page from a reyellowcomic.comrd called The Snicket document which reads: “Experts now suspect that there might in reality be one survivor of the fire, but the survivor’s whereabouts room unknown.”

The kids assume the this means that one of their parents can still be alive, however the page actually refers to Quigley Quagmire, who made it through the fire that killed his parents.

It is also revealed that the Baudelaire"s mom is none other than Beatrice, Lemony Snicket"s previous love.

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WHEN will SEASON 2 it is in RELEASED?

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