they have the right to be congruent if your shape,,size and also angles space the sameif any kind of one of castle is various then the triangles space not congruent "},"id":21426154,"content":"

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No, any two it is intended triangles room not always congruent.

Reason: each angle that an it is provided triangle is 60° yet their equivalent sides cannot always be the same.


Additional Information:

What is equilateral triangle?

Equilateral triangles room those triangles who all 3 sides room equal.

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What is Triangle?

Triangle is a closed number which has actually three sides, three vertices and three angles.The sum of three angles the a triangle is same to the 180 degree.

How many types of triangle?

There room three types of triangle top top the basis of sides are:

(1) Scalene Triangle

(2) Isosceles Triangle

(3) it is provided Triangle

There space three species of triangle on the communication of angle are:

(1) Acute Angled Triangle