Billie holiday (1915-1959) might not read scores, and also sang largely slow ballads. Her recommendations were Bessie Smith and trumpeter louis Armstrong, whom she listened to in the bars she worked for. In November 1933, attach by Benny Goodman"s band, recorded "Your Mather"s Son-in-Law" and "Rifin "The Scotch". V the nickname Lady Day, given by saxophonist Laster Young, began her expert career.

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Beethoven was a hearing deactivated man and couldnt hear. He came to be famous because that his classical pieces. And there ye go.vivaldi to be a true one struggle wonder classic artist. Hes known for his classic piece the 4 seasons. He to be although wasn"t as good as beethoven and also yea "ere ye a go.

so, no gonna carry out the actual thing due to the fact that that"s simply laziness for basic assignment favor this.

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but someone that has a most information and also interesting details around is picasso. Girlfriend can quickly write a 500 indigenous essay about him and also how overtime his paints of self got an ext and more deformed representing the he to be forgetting what the looked like and also that to be from memory.




(TRUE STORY: TW: WEIRD)This story is about how I discovered out the my provided to be favourite rapper (Tokyo"s Revenge) was a creep. Please, stay safe, and be mindful out there. If girlfriend don"t favor disgusting stuff, please leave, and please don"t report me. I"m trying to share a scary message. I"m so i m really sorry to the girls out there that went through this. He deserves the life sentence.It was around 5 month ago. Ns was on my phone, the town hall my favourite artists, Tokyo"s Revenge. I had actually the best crush on him, and also I looked approximately him for this reason much. Me and also him to be so much a like. We liked to scream, we favored dancing, and also we both had actually a good sense of humor. Ns loved the town hall him, and joining his lives. I loved listening come his deep, solve voice. Ns loved hearing the sing- five I dropped IN LOVE! i met him late 2019, when he released his tune "GOODMORNINGTOKYO!“ It was my favourite song, and also I loved it for this reason much. Ns was shocked the I could to that with my voice, just like he did. He screams therefore much! but I love it. I was obsessed. I bought his merch, I complied with him ~ above everything, and I even text that sometimes, obtaining an answer.But one day, this all concerned an end. He was live, yet I execute not mental the time. Ns joined, and I was fully disgusted. He had actually a “doll”, and also his “thingy” to be out. I almost threw up, and I cried my self to sleep the night.By the way, in all of his songs, he constantly talks around how h***y the is, and it"s freaking weird. I simply never noticed due to the fact that I to be obsessed.After that, i was frozen. I went on among his fan pages, called (not sating for your privacy). Ns clicked it, and also I experienced this video clip of him emotion on his ”you know“ and also I cry again. Ns really assumed it to be okay, since I to be so clueless, and I really REALLY liked him. However one day, he simply got much more weird. He to be allegedly exposed for “touching kids” and I freaked out. I didn"t acquire mad in ~ him, YET, because I wanted to see the whole story. He was saying uncomfortable things, that made me tingle, IN A bad WAY. A emotion of rage rushed over me. And I punched the wall.I was disgusted. That really stated that?! i couldn"t believe it. And also ON optimal OF THAT, the pleaded innocent.I was hurt. I couldn"t eat, ns didn"t feel comfortable anymore, ns didn"t prefer to run anymore, and I missed him. I missed the funny, hot, goofy Tokyo, currently it"s the “I like 13 year old girls!” Tokyo.And TBH, that track GOODMORNINGTOKYO! to be weird after ~ a while. Choose I heard it also much, and also apps over-used it.I still hear to his songs, but I don"t assistance him. I choose his tune “BULLETPROOF” but I can"t also dance along to it prefer I used to.So ladies, pleas it is in careful. If you view something, to speak something.