When lower levels of air space warmed castle rise right into upper atmospheres. As heat air rises, it causes wind.

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Continental air Mass- kind over land. Marine Air Mass- kind over seas or other large bodies. Tropical wait Mass- kind over deserts. Polar waiting Mass- type three regions.
radio detection and also ranging, a system that offers reflected radio waves to determine the velocity and location of objects
a package of instruments that is carried aloft by balloons come measure top atmospheric conditions, consisting of temperature, dew point, and wind velocity
a sample of meteorological signs that represents the weather at a certain observing station and also that is tape-recorded on a weather map
a front that creates when a cold waiting mass overtakes a warmth air mass and lifts the heat air mass turn off the ground and over an additional air mass
a coastal flood or tsunami-like phenomenon of increasing water commonly connected with low pressure weather systems
a severe storm that develops over tropic oceans and whose strong winds of much more then 120 km/h spiral in towards the vigorously low-pressure storm center
a heat on a map connecting points having the very same atmospheric push at a provided time or on median over a provided period.
a line on a map connecting points having the same temperature at a given time or on mean over a given period.
a statement or event that shows a possible or brewing danger, problem, or other unpleasant situation.

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warm, moist wait rises, and the water vapor in ~ the air condenses to form a cumulus cloud. Condensation continues as the cloud rises and becomes a dark cumulonimbus cloud. The strong downdrafts protect against air currents from rising.