Deep ocean trenches, volcanoes, island arcs, submarine mountain ranges, and fault present are instances of features that can kind along plate tectonic boundaries.

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Volcanoes are one sort of attribute that develops along convergent key boundaries, where two tectonic key collide and also one moves beneath the other. This photograph shows an explosion near the summit the the West Mata volcano in ~ the Pacific Ocean; the picture area is around 1.8 meters (6 feet) across in an eruptive zone around the size of a football ar that runs follow me the summit. Image courtesy that NSF and Download larger version (jpg, 1.4 MB).

The Earth’s outer crust (the lithosphere) is composed of a series of tectonic key that move on a warm flowing mantle layer called the asthenosphere. Heat within the asthenosphere create convection currents that cause tectonic plates to move several centimeters per year family member to each other. Once two tectonic bowl meet, we get a “plate boundary.” There are three significant types of bowl boundaries, each connected with the formation of a variety of geologic features.

If 2 tectonic key collide, they type a convergent bowl boundary. Usually, one of the converging bowl will relocate beneath the other, a procedure known together subduction. Deep trenches are functions often developed where tectonic plates space being subducted and also earthquakes room common. Together the sinking plate moves deeper into the mantle, fluids space released from the rock causing the overlying mantle to partially melt. The new magma (molten rock) rises and also may erupt violent to type volcanoes, often structure arcs that islands along the convergent boundary.

When 2 plates are moving away from every other, we call this a divergent bowl boundary. Follow me these boundaries, magma rises from deep within the Earth and erupts to kind new crust on the lithosphere. Most divergent plate borders are underwater and form submarine mountain ranges called oceanic spreading ridges. When the process of creating these mountain ranges is volcanic, volcanoes and also earthquakes follow me oceanic spreading ridges are not as violent together they are at convergent bowl boundaries.

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The third kind of plate boundary occurs whereby tectonic plates slide horizontally previous each other. This is well-known as a transform plate boundary. Together the bowl rub versus each other, substantial stresses can cause portions the the rock to break, causing earthquakes. Areas where these breaks take place are called faults. A well-known instance of a change plate border is the san Andreas fault in California.

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What space the different varieties of plate boundaries?

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