You wish to visit ft Myers in Florida in february : check how are the weather and also seasonal norms here.

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finest time to go to fort Myers?

Weather in fort Myers in february 2022

The weather in fort Myers in february comes from statistical datas top top the critical years. You have the right to view the weather statistics for every the month, but likewise by making use of the tabs because that the beginning, the middle and the finish of the month.

Weather at 6am 61°F



Clear/Sunny57% the time

evolution of everyday average temperature and precipitation in fort Myers in february

These charts display the evolution of mean minimum/maximum temperatures and also average everyday precipitation volume in ft Myers in february.

the weather in ft Myers in february is fairly dry (with 0.7in that precipitation over 3 days). The weather is much better from the ahead month because in january the receives an average of 0.9in the precipitation over 4 days. The climate great there this month. Temperatures space up to 76°F. ~ above average, the videotaped minimum temperature is 67°F. Thus, the average temperature typical on this month the february in fort Myers is 70°F. Keep in mind that this seasonal averages space in comparison with those observed in fort Myers in february with a maximum record of 85°F in 2017 and a minimum document of 40°F in 2009. You have the right to hope come have about 26 days v temperatures end 65°F, or 90% that the month. ~ above this month that february, day size in fort Myers is generally 11:16. Sunrise is in ~ 08:04 and also sets in ~ 19:20. Through a good climate, the month that february is encourage to walk there in Florida.

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