Snabbywaffle!A stupid personsubmitted by kaneYaaapIt"s yup but a better way of saying itsubmitted by A WillYaayumYummysubmitted by Ricky PascoeYaddaWhen you want to cuss at someone there is no them discovering you to speak "Yadda". Eg: "You room such a yadda"submitted through caitlinYaddadameanYou know what i meansubmitted through wast coastYahoooooIt is a replacement word because that ""penis"".

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submitted through cameronYakassA person who yak"s too much and is one asssubmitted by part GuyYallThe response for once someone you"re with claims something stupid, untrue, or unrealistic.submitted by Hunter WittYamsA womans dirty pillowssubmitted through LeekYao MingYou know what i meansubmitted by samthamanYappeYou talk as well muchsubmitted through ruby gaYarMy method of speak yes, or sure, without any kind of meaningsubmitted by K-manYardHomesubmitted through GYarmouthYes. To agree.submitted by jimmy zombieYemenTo it is in in agreement with someonesubmitted by Ruth and also SarahYepperzYep, Yeah, or Yes.submitted through CharityYerdTo beat through a sticksubmitted through RicoYerdiculous Ridiculoussubmitted by hope MoserYes large Boy!Just another way to to speak yes, however in a Gordon Ramsay style. When Saying it you hit one of your hands through the other one.

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submitted by GordonYestergayA man that supplied to it is in gaysubmitted through ddotcomYFUWBRALSITEFor letter & emails above signature line: "Your Friend till We Both Rot and also Lie Stinking In The Earth." We adopted this "complimentary close" as it"s recognized in secretarial school, to replace sappy teenage-girl-at-graduation species who usage "Your girlfriend Always" or "Besties for Life" and such. The same definition but without sounding for this reason cloyingly sentimental. Once "Sincerely", "Very important Yours", "Best Regards," etc. Isn"t personal enough, usage this option. Source: adjusted from a line in "The Exorcist" once asked exactly how long the demon intends to possess the girl, this is the surly responsesubmitted by TomYhatzeeWhen something great happens come you, i.e. Finding a great parking spot. Likewise used rather of "SCORE!"submitted through jeddamachiatambienYidoTo believe that oneself is a beast when in truth you have quite normal skillssubmitted by keena millionYO YiddleIt"s a human who cut you off while driving..especially as soon as you have children in the carsubmitted through M. ArmstrongYo-PeopleWhite males that drive big trucks and listen come rapsubmitted by Holly WoodsmithYoder-ToderA bus transferring Amish peoplesubmitted through KenzieLynnYoink!To it is in said once stealing something of someonesubmitted by Les PYomomologyThe study of her Momsubmitted by Dr. Connor Ricard, Ph.DYompA chillaxed strollsubmitted by HannahYorkFemale YakYou gained hosed!!!A term the is comparable to "owned", as young world commonly say this days. It is like saying "you got owned". Synonyms include "you acquired waxed", "you gained spayed", or "you got spanked". This term deserve to be used to humiliation a use IT!submitted by your Adams AppleYou Lie like A Cheap WhoreSomething a northern girl called me :(submitted by KevYou muffinYou loser/You freaksubmitted by mandaYour cat is covered in tarUsed as soon as one desires to be able to make out with their boy/girlfriend and also there"s other people around. Also used once "Will friend neck through me?" feels too awkward. Can likewise be supplied as "Your cat is spanned in tar and also feathers" if you plan to do more than necking.submitted through KurasuYoyamaHi, shalon or whats upsubmitted through williamYuckbuddyA nasty Bitch; have the right to be provided as a great or poor thingsubmitted by Caison the an equipment of StinkbagsYudeyemThe initials u, d, and, m - friend Disgust Me!submitted by RoshaYule LogA thick, hard dump, for this reason loaded with undigested corn, lock resemble lamp on a christmas treesubmitted by Yukon Corn-eliousYummy MummyA mom you would like to plow!submitted by KennyM!YurpMy method of saying everything I want (or yeah)submitted by crazy K