Be Still mine Heart! Idioms room words that space strung together in figurative speech to convey thoughts and feelings. Among the most renowned idioms supplied today is the expression “be still mine heart.” here you will discover the definition for this phrase, where the expression came from, examples in speech and conversation and also other ways to convey the exact same meaning.

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Be quiet My heart Meaning

The phrase “be still mine heart” is provided by a person during conversation or decided to express the they are very overwhelmed through something that is has been said or done, frequently in response to a romantic gesture. That is saying the the action is literally making their heart to win fast. In modern times, it is commonly said sarcastically in an answer to an activity that the speaker think is boring or no interesting.

Origin the this idioms

The start of this phrase can be tracked earlier to the year 1697 as soon as it was very first used by author John Dryden. Earlier then the phrase supplied was “my beating heart.” This phrase was used generally over the food of countless years by poets and also novelist alike in romantic stories and also poetry. In 1705, the entire phrase “be still, mine beating heart” was offered by author William Mountfort. The was an initial used together a sarcastic and also funny expression by playwrights Gilbert and also Sullivan in 1878. Gradually over the year the phrase has been decreased to “be still my heart.”

“Be Still my Heart” Examples

Examples in Statements

A news caster narrating a televised high rate chase top top the freeway.

“Oh, be still my heart, he simply crashed right into the center barrier!”

A sports caster commentating an interesting football game.

Be still mine heart! ns can’t believe he simply kicked that ar goal from 65 yards out and won the game!”Examples in Conversation

An instance conversation in between a husband and also wife.

Husband: Do friend remember what day it is today?Wife: How could I forget?! It’s our 20th wedding anniversary!Husband: It definitely is and also here space these 20 roses simply for you, one for yearly we have actually been married.Wife: Oh! Be still mine heart! You space so sweet!

An example conversation between a son and also his mom.

Son: I wanted to ask Gretchen to the prom, yet I don’t know exactly how to carry out it.Mother: Well, i am certain you will certainly think the a memorable method to asking her.

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Son: Well, i was thinking around taking her to the beach and also having one of the airplane tow a authorize that states “Gretchen, will certainly you walk to prom with me?”Mother: Be still my beating heart! the is for this reason romantic! She would certainly love that!

Other means to speak “Be Still mine Heart”

There are numerous other ways to speak “be still mine heart.” some of them include: oh my gosh, oh my goodness, I’m therefore excited, my heart simply skipped a beat.

“Be Still my Heart” synonyms list:

Oh mine goshMy godOh dearOMGOh mine goodnessOh myI’m therefore excitedOh JesusMy heart just skipped a beat

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