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I am beginning to watch these black automobile tags v a horizontal blue strip going across the length of the tags in the facility all about south Alabama. I began asking roughly on this and it is supposedly means police. "They" say that a police guy puts this on his an individual vehicle. In addition, lock are putting on tiny stickers that are about 3 inch by 2 inches the look the very same as the tag.My inquiries are:Has anyone heard the this or can confirm this?What is to stop someone from putting among these on your vehicle?
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If it"s the very same one the I"m reasoning of it called "The thin Blue Line". If the is the very same it"s used to display that the owner is a LEO. In this area there"s a comparable idea walking on through the Maltese Cross with volunteer firefighters.LCAS-271
I am beginning to watch these black car tags through a horizontal blue strip going across the size of the tags in the facility all approximately south Alabama. I started asking around on this and also it is supposedly stands for police. "They" say the a police male puts this on his personal vehicle. In addition, castle are placing on small stickers the are about 3 inches by 2 inches that look the same as the tag.My concerns are:Has everyone heard that this or have the right to confirm this?What is to prevent someone native putting among these on their vehicle?
All it way is that you are regarded a cop. I understand b/c my friends dad is Ashfords chef of Police, and also it"s top top all your cars.. And also to achieve one, well you have actually to acquire it native a cop, girlfriend can"t simply go to buy the sticker anywhere..
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All it method is that you are related to a cop. I know b/c mine friends dad is Ashfords chef of Police, and also it"s on all their cars.. And also to acquire one, fine you have to gain it from a cop, you can"t simply go purchase the sticker anywhere..
Buy it? LOL You can just make one of those up and also when a LEO asks about it just say, "I similar to black tags with blue currently on it. Why is there something wrong with that?"I think that everyone is thinking this so I will say it. Why would you put that ~ above your vehicle other 보다 to interact to LEO"s the you space a LEO (or the family members member that a LEO) and to please disregard the illegal operation of my motor vehicle that friend just captured me doing.
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Wouldn"t the be a violation that the law? This would inform police that one-of-a-kind privilege to be to it is in given, it would effect the fair and also equal treatment of everyone.We got some crap here where you have the right to donate money come the police and also get a little metal tag that you placed your license plate screw through and it sit on the patent plate. They speak it is to show your support but the truth is a special treatment card.
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It is an ext a authorize of solidarity, I think that a cut of the expense supports a variety of Fallen Officer and also Officer under Memorials. Castle are supposed to be similar to a badge with a mourning stripe across it. No so much, "I"m and LEO" as "I assistance LEO"s and appreciate your sacrifice"That is exactly how it is in Oregon, atleast.
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It is much more a sign of solidarity, I believe that a cut of the cost supports a variety of Fallen Officer and Officer under Memorials. Lock are supposed to be similar to a badge v a mourning stripe across it. Not so much, "I"m and also LEO" as "I assistance LEO"s and also appreciate their sacrifice"That is how it is in Oregon, atleast.

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In general, I favor the cops around here, and I wave to them and also speak through them once I can. Good guys, here. Yet in neighboring towns, there space some real jerks. I"d have no trouble with world showing support and doing so through labels, title or stickers. The unique treatment facet of that isn"t have to fair, however I have the right to understand it. These guys go with a lot of HELL, and when someone salutes that and also says, "Thanks, man.", that means a many to several of them. They"re poeple too, and special treatment from castle is kinda prefer that gun shop owner the puts pals and great customers at the front of the line. Wouldn"t pass that up, would certainly we??All the said.... The actual jerks out there are civilization to watch for post-TEO.... Wolves in person skin..... One reason to acquire to know them if friend can. We might shot hosting a BBQ right here for them this summer, and then the FD.