Logos Quiz is a quiz video game or application in i beg your pardon you have to guess the name of logos of assorted brands or companies. Each logo design you answer effectively will fetch you points and some will unlock clues you have the right to use to finish the game. More you answer much more levels friend advance. The a an overwhelming and a fun quiz; try to deal with it by yourself or an overwhelming friends. That fun when you shot to carry out it yourself, but if you need help doing the we would be much more than happy to assist you v these logos quiz answers for level 4.

Check the end the Logos Quiz answers Level 4 because that iPad and iPhone.

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logo quiz answers level 4

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PIAGGIO – blue hexagon v a spade shape inside

GORDONS – circle structure in gold v ornament and also a hog head in it and ‘EST’ and ‘1769’ created on one of two people side

ANIC – Black and also white cube

ROXY – Blue circle with hands developing love shape in white

GALP – Orange emblem with white logo (letter G at an angle) in the middle

HAAGEN DAZS – Oval framework in gold color

GLAXO SMITH KLINE – Orange emblem through ‘gsk’ letter in white in it

GOODYEAR – silhouette of a Shoe with wing

DHL – Yellow rectangle through ‘L’ letter and also three horizontal lines in red in it

AVON – N’ letter with words ‘The agency for women’ under it

HUMMER – Letter ‘M’ created twice in black

KODAK – Red and also orange circle with ‘K’ letter

TDK – a logo design arranged by nine blue triangles and also seven white triangles

ATOMIC – A star with 3 angles in red

BAYER – ‘B’, ‘Y’ and ‘R’ letters in a blue green and also white circle

PEUGEOT – Metallic silver- lion standing

SUBWAY – Silhouette that a native in green with ‘S’ letter in ~ the beginning and also an arrow with curve pointing in the direction of right

LUFTHANSA – Blue paris bird in the middle of orange circle

BRIDGESTONE – Letter B in black v red triangle in it

BREIL – two black ovals that created ‘b’ letter


logo quiz answer level 4

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BURTON – Curve arrow in black

AIR FRANCE – ‘E’ letter in blue in ~ the end and also red triangle next to it

NATO – Compass prize in dark blue

LINCOLN – silver square v cross price in the middle

NIKON – Yellow rectangle v white strips inside and also ‘N’ letter in black

RENAULT – arrow heads that suggest towards the opposite side

PORSCHE – argorial with steed in the middle

RAY BAN – Red rectangle v ‘R’ and also ‘B’ letter in it

DR PEPPER – Red oval with word ‘Dr’ in it

IVECO – ‘I’ and ‘V’ letter in blue

BP – Flower through yellow, green and white color

GILLETTE – letters double ‘L’ and ‘T’

WIFI – Rectangle v white and black fill

FOX – ‘O’ letter in orange v a little white upright line inside it

BILLABONG – Blue framework with wave shape in white inside it

GAP – Blue rectangle v letter ‘G’ in it

CADILLAC – leaves that form circle and an emblem favor a shell inside it

LEGO – Red square v white ‘L’ letter in it

CORVETTE – two flags, one v black-white shade on left and also other v red and also cross symbol within on the right

TAG HEUER – eco-friendly rectangle and orange triangle v a gray border


logos quiz answers level 4

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WINSTON – Brown rectangle through a white eagle in it

MG – Brown octagon with a maroon border

JEEP – letter ‘J’ and also ‘P’ in green

MOTOROLA – Blue circle with letter ‘M’ in white

UNITED AIRLINES – shape colored with blue and red through ‘U’, ‘D’, ‘L’ and ‘S, letter below it

HILTON – letter ‘H’ with Oval borderline in blue

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS – Texas State map in red through letter ‘i’ in it

EXXON – dual letter ‘X’ in red

AQUAFINA – A sun behind the mountains

REXONA – letters ‘ex’

BLUETOOTH – Blue ‘B’ letter formed with lines joined and also a tiny curve underneath

ARIEL – a floral symbol v an orbital in blue, green and also yellow

WELLA – silhouette of a mrs with long hair

HERTZ – Silhouette that a name with ‘H’ letter at the beginning and letter Z in the end

FIAT – silver circle border v maroon fill in a rectangle-shaped shape

DISCOVERY CHANNEL – globe with a horizontal blue line

CAMPER – Red rectangle v curve cut at the bottom and letters ‘M’ and ‘P’ within it

MOVIESTAR – amendment letter ‘M’ in green and also yellow

JOHNNIE WALKER – A man with tuxedo and stick on his hand in black and also white

LUCKY STRIKE – Red circle v black, white and grey border line

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logos quiz answers level 4

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FIFA – 2 globes joined along with lines the look like a soccer ball

ELLESSE – Blue rectangle with twin ‘S’ letters in it with a form in red and yellow above it

RIP CURL – Curly shape prefer mirror image of s in red

SEGA – letter ‘S’ in blue through a white heat in between

PARAMOUNT – A hill with a circle behind and stars neighboring it

KFC – Old man wearing an apron smiling through red background

VODAFONE – Circle through red inverted comma shape in it

DOLBY – dual face come face half circle v black background

REEF – eco-friendly triangle v a environment-friendly line underneath

XEROX – Red round with grey lines cross on it

DRAGON – Circle v a black color dragon inside

FOSTERS – Blue Square with letter ‘O’ in it and red ‘F’ in the middle

ZURICH – Blue circle v letter ‘Z’ in white

RYANAIR – Blue letter ‘R’ composed twice

TISSOT – 2 square black and also orange through ‘T’ letter and also cross prize respectively