Logos Quiz answers Level 2 

This is a quiz video game or application in which you have to guess the surname of logos of various brands or companies. Each logo design you answer appropriately will fetch you points and also some will certainly unlock hints you have the right to use to finish the game. An ext you answer more levels friend advance. That a challenging and a funny quiz; shot to resolve it by you yourself or an overwhelming friends. It’s fun once you shot to perform it yourself, yet if girlfriend need assist doing the we would certainly be an ext than happy to assist you v these logos quiz answers for level 2.

Check the end the Logos Quiz answers Level 2 for iPad and also iPhone.

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Logos Quiz answer Level 2

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Dacia – silver metallic cup shape

Cartoon Network – 2 black and white squares, through letter C and N

Verizon – amendment ‘V’ and ‘Z’ letter in red and ‘foundation” created in gray

Dell – letter E and a blue circle

Ferrari – black steed in yellow background

Axa – x and also a red line in a blue square

Nintendo – N within a red rounded rectangle

Wikipedia – piece of puzzle creating a globe

Konica Minolta – blue circle and five white lines and also glow in the middle

Adobe – Red forms outlining a empty A

Abc – 3D looking black circle v ‘a’ letter in it

Roncato – modified ‘R’ and ‘V’ in red

Yahoo – White y inside a purple circle

Toys R us – ‘R’ letter in blue with a star inside

Adidas – three black trapezoids type a triangle

Sony – black Y

Alfa Romeo – Blue circle summary in gold through English flag and snake

UPS – Gold and also brown shield

Nivea – white N in Blue rectangle

Campbell’s – Red rectangle with white S

Logos Quiz answers Level 2

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Audi – 4 metallic silver circles partially overlapping

Prince – letters ‘i’ and ‘e’ in green

Aston martin – wing with green rectangle inside

LinkedIn – Blue square through white in inside

Atari – 3 black lines, 2 curved and one straight

NBC – vibrant fan shape and also a peacock shape in the center

Rover – Black shape shield choose with gold and also red delivery inside

Olay – a lady’s face

Ericsson – A 3D silver- round with environment-friendly bubble pour it until it is full in it

Allianz – A blue one border line v three rectangle-shaped shapes in it

Lucasarts – sun and also a child dancing in orange color

Facebook – A blue square through letter F in white

Toyota – Red oval through one horizontal and one vertical oval within it

Pepsi – Circle through red white and blue shapes

Honda – Metallic silver H in rounded rectangle

Windows – four squares flagged through four various colors: orange, green, blue and yellow form a big flagged square

DreamWorks – A silhouette that a son fishing while sit on a crescent moon

Monster – over there rough forms in green look prefer a scratch creating letter M

Armani – A symbol of one eagle through ‘G’ and also ‘A’ letter ~ above its chest.

Kleenex – letters KL in blue

Logos Quiz answers Level 2


Cisco – black vertical lines that vary in size

Swatch –white add to in a red background

YouTube – “you” written above a red square

NASA – Blue circle v white dots and red lines

Chevrolet – lengthwise lengthy gold cross

Nokia – letter K in blue and connecting world written

Heineken – Red star through black rectangle underneath and also plants under rectangle

Chanel – black ‘C’ letter mirrored partially overlapping

Dodge – red shield border with pets with horns

Pantene – golden wings like shape

Dunlop – red arrowhead with black color D inside

Corona – A yellow crown

Nikita – N and A in black

UNICEF – two silhouettes that people and also leaves bordering a globe

Skoda – black color circle through white one inside and green arrow shape v wing

In n the end burger – red burger and also a yellow inverted arrow

Dakine – A white triangle and also ‘e’ letter under it

IKEA – yellow oval v blue background

Netscape – black and blue circle through white N inside

Ford – Blue oval v silver outline

Logos Quiz answers Level 2

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Coca-Cola – amendment letter C

Lotto – two black rectangles and a white rectangle in the middle

Hello Kitty – Kitten confront border through a red bow

Suzuki – modified letter S in special bold font

SAP – Blue fifty percent rectangle reduced diagonally v white P

HTC – A rectangular shape in metallic silver and also triangular form in green and silver

Tommy Hilfiger – two blue long rectangles, one red and one white rectangle

Whirlpool – orange oval v letters W, O and also L

Play station – Red P and a fallen S in yellow, green and also blue

Panasonic – Blue P and also C through ‘ideas for life’ written underneath

Minute Maid – 2 white M in a black color background

Mercedes – a circle with three fan creating lines

Interflora – a man holding a flower bucket within a yellow circle with black circle in the middle

IMDB – golden nameplate

Msn – colorful butterfly

Harley Davidson – Black and also orange shield and rectangle through “motor company”

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