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B-L-U-E Blue to victory, B-L-U-E Blue come victoryFight, fight, fight, fight, never offer inFor the Blue team will win rah, rah, rah, (repeatWhen I obtain home, I"m gonna see (2x)A small birdie in a tree (2x)I"ll ask the birdie if he observed (2x)The Blue (Grey) team victory this color War (2x)Sound turn off (GR) Sound off (EY)Cadence counting (G R EY) GR EY.Woodsie claims really love that Grey teamWoodsie claims they really room the bestWoodsie states really love the Grey teamThey will prove to Camp Tagola that they"re far better than the rest.
(Tune-You Can"t acquire a male With A Gun")We are the Blue team , the mighty, mighty Blue team,After all the is said and done,And come be more specific, us really are terrificAnd we"ve got this shade War won, 2, 3, 4 (repeat)Grey team, Grey team almightyWorkin" every day and also all nightyGonna to win the Blue team every rightyScore, score, score (repeat)(Tune-"Jingle Bells")Oh, lick the grey, lick the grey till they"re no much longer thereOh what fun to be the one"s to make them disappear Oh, lollipops, lollipops, that"s every they yes, really areThey may be sweet yet we repeat castle can"t go an extremely farOh, lick, likc, lick, lick (repeat)Bluela bluela, bluela, bluelaThat"s the war cry the the blue teamWe will certainly down grey, we will crown greyTill they holler Bluela BlueRah, rah (repeat)
We"re the team that can"t it is in beat, honey, honeyWe"re the team that can"t be beat, babe, babeSo clap your hands and also stomp her feet"Cause we"re the team that can"t it is in beatHoney five baby mineTell "em you"re Blue you"re Blue, you"re BlueTell "em you"re Blue, you"re Blue, you"re Blue (repeat song)All friend Grey team forwardCome all you Grey team conference roundWe"ll Burn them to the GoundWith all our Feet we can"t be beat Till victory is our (repeat song)G-Can"t hear you, R-A tiny louder, U-T, That"s better, Y-Now you acquired itG R E Y GREY, GREY(repeat)Grey team, Grey team, We"ve acquired the team, teamWe"ve obtained the steam, steam, every day lonCrazy, 1,2,3,4,Who"s goona win this color WarGrey, Grey, Yeah, Grey. (repeat song)
Spirit in the woods to win a hollow drumFrom the teaming forest the blue team comeschanting all with each other in unisonhail, Blue team, hail (repeat gaining louder each time)Around her neck she wore a great grey ribbonSho wore it the end to practice and she wore it the end to playAnd as soon as they asked her why the hell she wore itShe claimed that the Grey team had such a to win wayGrey team, to win way, Grey team winning wayShe said that the Grey team had such a winning method (repeat song)What"s the color of Tagola? Blue, Blue, Blue What"s the shade of Tagola? Blue, Blue, BlueThe skies is Blue, the lake is blueWe"re gonna make the Grey team Blue What"s the color of Tagola? Blue, Blue, BlueAs the Grey team goes up, up, upAnd the Blue team goes down, down, downColor battle this season will show you the reasonGrey"s gonna win, Grey"s gonna win.
Super an elderly CheerWe"re the super SeniorsAll hail our nameWe come from Tagola facility of the universal, continentalWe have obtained the best group, prepared for the fightSo cheer, cheer because that Super girls"Cause we"re all ideal da da da da da da da (repeat)Inter Marchwritten by Linda Brezner(tune-"Do, Re, Mi")Do, the money daddy needsTo Re ise to send united state off to campMe the devil of your livesFa away from mother"s clampSo the brand on your shirtLa Ck the trunk up very TightT a g o together a campAnd the group for which we"ll fight.Inters
Tagola Alma Mater(tune-"More")What walk Camp Tagola typical to meA camp whose fond memories last eternally Friendship and also loyaltyAnd truth will remain with meA camp the I organize so dearThe eyes have the right to see, it"s deep in ~ meThis is a time for boys and girls come sayWe love Tagola camp in every wayWe recognize no matter where us roamTagola"s our 2nd homeAnd we"ll never ever be aloneNo, we"ll never be alone.Tagola MarchWe"re a camp that really can"t it is in beatFor unified we will certainly never fulfill defeatWe"ve got pep and also personalityCamp Tagola you"re the camp because that meHear our voices elevated in harmonyCamp Tagola"s spirit lives eternallyHeads held high, us proudly march alongJoin us as we sing this rousing songOur shouts will increase up to the skyWith our banners increased on highBlue and grey will wave forever moreFor the camp us all adoreCherished think we always held so dearMemories the camp stay throughout the yearAlways striving to pledge loyaltyCamp Tagola you"re the camp because that me.

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CA in march 1968(Tune "Hallelujah Baby")Watch out, we gotta shout, no one deserve to doubt the they"ll discover outWhat we"re about...Hallelujah, Hallelujah, HallelujahWatch out, we gotta shout, no one deserve to doubt that they"ll find out What we"re aboutC. A. Girl relentless valiantlyHave a vision, it"s ours visionIt"s ours mission to regime supreme v eternityHallelujah, glory, halleluWe harmonize, the magnifies, ours majestyHey, hey they"ll praise, the dauntless C.A. S(tune-"How currently Dow Jones")Ta-Go-La proclaim, glorifying our nameAs we go under in historyAwesome ours spirit, immortal that lightReaching new heights together we shape our destinyTagola you"ll watch Counselor Aide victoryOur aspirations ever highThe tribute castle sound to the sky it resoundsAnd then spreads o"er the land and the seaTagola proclaim glorifying our nameC.A. S go under in history.C. A. Alma Mater-1968(Tune: "Once upon a Time")Long prior to our time,The earth its land and also seas were formedWonders never ever cease, Ta-Go-La camp was bornBut the was long before our timeMany year ago,Now the time is oursOur voices song in harmonyOffering a prayerThat echoes love we shareFor we have found that friendshp meansDear Camp Tagola.We room young and also haven"t obtained a careAnd we always laugh learning tomorrow will certainly be thereTagola each moment is so rareWhy should years fly?As the moment moves onThe days and also months turn into yearsWe will recollect each moment in the pastAbd in which method dear Camp TagolaEternally will certainly last.