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Original Elf top top the Shelf

When to buy for your Scout Elf, it’s vital to know that the initial Elf on the Shelf comes with a book and also box. Any sets sold just with dolls or colors various other tan the white and also red pattern us have pertained to know and love, are knock-offs. That doesn’t average you can’t have fun Elf antics v an imposter or impersonator!

The original Elf top top the Shelf firm sells a Elf ~ above the Shelf Boy and also Girl Doll Plushee Set. This is great for younger kids. Occasionally these stuffed-animal prefer elves sit simpler on shelves too!

The Elf top top the Shelf company does offer Boy Elf ~ above the Shelf Kits and Girl Elf ~ above the Shelf Kits. This allows you customize what your household prefers. We have actually done both boy an girl as we had an er gap between our older and younger kids. It was straightforward to execute the switch.

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There are similar traditional Elf dolls top top Amazon, prefer this Red and also White stripe Elf and this soft Plushee Elf top top the shelf boy and also girl Elf – isn’t he a cute Santa’s helper?! This year we also got a Baby Elf come go through our Elf ~ above the Shelf.

Follow the star, as with DaySpring has actually done v their comparable Christian vacation tradition. Your Christmas legacy is The Shepherd top top the Search. This set comes through a shepherd boy doll and also book.

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