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Opie doesn"t choose his brand-new teacher, "Old Lady Crump," since she provides too lot homework. Andy comments on the teacher, words which Opie twisted in his retelling come Ms. Crump, and she is furious.

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Alan Autry"s daughter briefly appeared once top top In the warmth of the Night

Blink and also you’ll miss the father-daughter moment in an illustration fittingly referred to as "Every masculine Family."


"Hey mister, deserve to we have our frisbee back?" a young blonde girl calls the end to Bubba Skinner in a 1993 In the warmth of the Night episode referred to as "Every Man’s Family."

Look closely at this young girl and also you might just check out a resemblance to Bubba, since she is the real-life daughter the Bubba actor Alan Autry.

Autry to be a former Green just Packer quarterback-turned-actor who gained his start in TV and movies in 1978.

By the moment he join the cast of In the warm of the Night, he"d featured in little bit roles in movies prefer Popeye and also Brewster"s Millions and TV shows favor Cheers, The Dukes the Hazzard and also Newhart.

But In the warmth of the Night represented his best break yet, and the duty came in 1988, 2 years ~ Autry had actually divorced his first wife Vicki Brown, with whom he had one daughter named Lauren.

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Did friend know?
not everybody watching In the warm of the Night was encouraged by Carroll O"Connor"s southerly accent

It’s Lauren who appears with she dad in "Every Man"s Family," which came to be her very first onscreen appearance.

Later once In the heat of the Night to be still ~ above air, Autry remarried and with his new wife Kimberlee, his family grew by two an ext kids, Heather and Austin.

Like Lauren, Autry obtained Heather and Austin bit roles top top his TV projects, but Lauren would certainly be the only among his children to appear on dad"s fight crime drama.

His daughter Heather"s single onscreen appearance come on an illustration of Grace Under Fire once Autry played a recurring character rick Bradshaw, one of Grace"s love interests.

In 2002, Autry gathered his wife Kimberlee, together with Austin and Lauren, and made his directorial debut, spreading them all in the TV movie The Legend of Jake Kincaid.

Then in 2011, when Autry complied with that up with an additional Jake Kincaid movie called Forgiven, Kimberlee and also Lauren changed to appear in that one, too.

Likely keeping his family members in his tasks was Autry"s means of spending more time v his wife and also kids.

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This problems only somewhat with the non-family man photo of Bubba Skinner, that is well-known as a ladies male on In the warm of the Night. Now you know the reality is Autry placed his children in as numerous of his jobs as the could, including a unique appearance by his first daughter in his best hit show.


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