Bud wakes increase late and hurries over to the mission. There is a lengthy line and also he runs under to the end. A male tells him it is closed and also the people at the finish are the last ones. Bud tries to factor with him, but the male angrily tells him everyone has a sob story and there space rules.

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Suddenly a hand clamps under on his shoulder. A guy in overalls calls that “Clarence” and asks what take it him for this reason long. Bud is confused. The guy points to a woman with two children and also tells him to gain in line through his family. Bud catches on and also joins them. Rather in heat aren’t happy however they view how large his pretend father is and also say nothing.

Bud is very grateful but cannot to speak anything or he will offer it away. They every stand and also wait and also finally do it come the prior of the building. Many world are pointing and looking at a billboard v a white family in a vehicle wearing nice clothes and also smiling. The words speak “There’s no place like America today!” anyone scoffs at this.

Inside the is quiet and people are scraping and eating seriously. They obtain in line, obtain food, and sit down. Bud is delighted v his oatmeal, and even more so when his pretend mommy takes out a packet of brown sugar and also sprinkles part on top.

Bud states goodbye to them, and one that the kids sticks his tongue out. Bud no blame him.

Chapter 7

Bud pushes open up the library’s heavy door and inhales deeply. Libraries have special smells, smells that make people fall asleep. Sometimes people even drool, i m sorry is what provides librarians an extremely angry.

Bud wanders roughly looking for miss out on Hill yet cannot uncover her. Finally he asks one more woman and also she asks if he has heard the news—Miss Hill gained married and also lives in Chicago now! Bud does not know where the is so the mrs pulls the end an atlas to display him. They figure out exactly how long the would take to walk there, and also she concludes it would be fifty-four hours. Bud thanks her but is very disappointed, due to the fact that now he does not know who to revolve to because that help.

As he leaves the library he think to himself that this may be among the doors Momma was talking about.

Chapter 8

Bud is sleeping as soon as he hears a crack. The grasps his pocketknife and just when he is around to attack he hears a familiar voice—it is Bugs! Bud calms down and catches his breath and asks what the is doing.

Bugs is likewise on the lam and says that is speak the rails and also had heard Bud left the Amoses’ house and would more than likely be at the library. He wants to recognize if Bud wants to come through him out West to choose fruit. Bud asks what riding the rails is like, when the curious Bugs asks ~ his beating the Todd. Bud decides to go, and they both spit in their hands and shake, do a pact the they room brothers. Bugs argues going to the mission to check out if anyone knows wherein they deserve to hop a train.

The boys learn they will have to go to “Hooperville” exterior of Flint, yet no one knows precisely where the is. They walk and also walk and also finally start to odor food and also hear music. They climate hear talking and also see a fire. The Hooperville is many shacks and also huts thrown together and there is a large fire. There space white and black human being there. Bugs whispers come him the this is a cardboard jungle. They flip a coin to watch who will certainly go speak to someone.

Bud loses so he walks up to the fire and also asks a guy if this is Hooperville. The men laugh and also say that is a Hooverville—the Flint version. The communities are named after chairman Herbert Hoover. The man asks Bud if he is hungry and also scared around what will occur tomorrow, and also when Bud assents, the guy welcomes the here. Bugs joins him and they look around at the substantial city. Over there are many people, all orange v the fire’s glow. The man explains that every one of the Hoovervilles roughly the nation look choose this and nothing is any better elsewhere.

Another guy says lock will give the guys food yet have to execute Kitchen Police duty later. The boys eagerly agree and also scarf under the very delicious muskrat stew. They start doing the dishes and a little girl who is helping them begins to speak to Bud.

She introduce herself together Deza Malone and says she is going to Chicago but is from Pennsylvania. Bud states he is going there too. She asks whereby his dad is and also he says he does no know but thinks the male is in cool Rapids. She says she is i m really sorry to hear that and also he states that the is okay, however to his surprised she states it is not okay because families room the most vital things there are. He claims his Momma told that the very same thing. Bud realizes Deza has obtained him running his mouth, but that the doesn"t mind, and also adds that before he saw sleep his Momma would tell him the there was never a small boy anywhere, any time, who was as loved together he was. Deza comments thoughtfully that he dead his household inside him and also he agrees.

She asks about the orphanage and also he explains that he is on the lam. She is a bit skeptical but teases him the he is a “hero” to part folks, after ~ a comment the he’d do earlier. A couple of minutes later on she asks if he ever before kissed a girl at the orphanage and he says no. She leans in and also he worries that if the does not she would think that is scared of girls but if he does then she might blab. That smooshes his lips come hers. After ~ a moment she smiles and also says this is romantic, and also points the end the song “Shenandoah” playing somewhere. That is a sad song and Bud doesn’t lot like it.

Deza looks in ~ him and also says she will never forget this night, and also Bud think to himself he will certainly not either.

Later Bud and also Bugs questioning Deza why the white family is sitting off on your own. Deza replies the they were invited to sign up with the big fire, yet even despite they are exceptionally poor, they to speak they space white and also do no take handouts.

The train will be leaving early on in the morning therefore Bud and also Bugs retire. Bud cannot sleep and also wonders if going to California is the right thing to do. He looks in his suitcase in ~ the rocks, every labeled v dates and also places. Probably his dad is somewhere around Flint. The looks in ~ the picture of Herman Calloway and also feels persuaded that male is his father. The breathes deep the smell of the blanket, which reminds the of Momma, and also falls asleep.

Bud is woken by a yell speak the train is leave early. Bud and also Bugs scramble up and also grab their stuff; Bud nearly forgets his flier but an additional boy hand it to him. It seems like countless boys and men room running toward the train.

When Bud watch the train the looks like a huge black genie through sparks flying around it. No one is getting on, though, and he sees four cop cars and eight cops with billy clubs standing close to it. The cops warning the men and also one claims they sound choose Commies and he has actually his own kids to feed. One, though, tosses under his club and says Pinkerton doesn"t pay enough for this.

The train whistle blows and also it stirs the Hooverville men, who all break for the train. Bugs it s okay on and also Bud tosses him the suitcase. Bud cannot make it, and Bugs has to throw his suitcase earlier to him. Bud and also a few others that didn’t do the train walk ago and encounter among the cops, who cautions them that the Flint police are coming to rest up the shantytown. Sure enough, they watch it going increase in flames.

Bud is disappointed however wonders if it was the ideal thing because that him to continue to be in Flint. The looks at his flier again and also is to win by how close “Calloway” is to “Caldwell”. This must average something!

Chapter 9

Bud returns to the library after getting breakfast in ~ the mission and asks to see the city book so he can number out how much Flint is from cool Rapids. He imagine a arrangement to go there. While that is doing the the librarian brings him a pictorial history of the Civil war for him come look at. He is utterly immersed in it and time paris by quickly.

The librarian gently tells him the library is closing, and also gives him some food due to the fact that she can tell the is hungry. Bud thanks her and leaves.

He bring away his concealed suitcase and thinks to himself that an extremely soon he’ll be looking at his own father’s face.

That night he starts his walk towards Grand Rapids. The idea the Herman Calloway gift his father had actually started off small like a seed that grows into a tree. That started as soon as he saw the flier, then thrived when he talked to other boys in ~ the Home and also burst the end that his father to be Calloway without exactly knowing why he claimed it. The idea flourished when he thought of why Momma had those fliers and also those rocks. The idea grew and also grew till it was as tall together a maple.

Bud feels a feeling of excitement—he is walking West!

Chapter 10

Now, the narrative shifts, and we view that Bud has currently left Flint and also is in the country. It is really dark and also the journey will be 120 miles. That is surprised at just how the sound are different out here. There space no world yelling or honking horns, but instead there space bugs and mice and cats yowling.

He walks and walks and walks and only makes it v three little towns. Suddenly a automobile bounces by over the hill, sees him, and also stops and reverses. Bud ducks into the bushes. The man, who has dark skin and also whom Bud suspect to be a soldier, whistles and also calls the end to him. Bud says nothing. The guy continues and says the a young brown-skinned boy walking along the road outside of Ossowo, Michigan is not a common sight. He calls out that the boy have to be a long method from home, and also since Bud does no answer, finally tells him he has a sandwich and also an to apologize in the car, and maybe even some pop.

Bud cannot assist himself and also blurts out that that does not prefer mustard. The male replies the they deserve to scrape it off. Bud hides his suitcase deeper and says to leave the food. The male says he has actually to display his face. He it s okay the food and also pop and Bud cannot aid himself yet walk toward it.

The male is not a soldier yet is put on a cap. That holds the food ago and tells Bud that feels uncomfortable v Bud being the end here and he needs to understand why. Bud is too worn down to think of a lie however he tells him his name is Bud, not Buddy. The man provides him the pop.

The man asks around home yet Bud to know he cannot say anything about the home or the Amoses, therefore he blurts out that the ran far from cool Rapids. The male thinks come himself, and comments the he simply left there.

Bud asks to get his suitcase and also the guy walks him end to the bushes. Bud gets in the vehicle but is horrified to see a cardboard box with the words “URGENT: consists of HUMAN BLOOD!!!” top top it. The realizes the guy must it is in a vampire, therefore he locks the door, slides over to the driver’s side, and floors the car.


Bud’s decision never to go back to the home brings him to the mission and also the Hooverville, both locations that sell a tiny reprieve from the distresses of the Depression. At both locations Curtis limns personalities who are poor, homeless, and also technically lawless in some cases. Quite than depict them as ne’er-do-wells or lazy folk, he mirrors them as honest, hardworking american who have fallen on difficult times however retain your dignity and also moral codes. These civilization use humor and kindness to do the finest of your situation and also to help others who autumn into straitened circumstances. The depth and also breadth that the Depression has actually necessitated such behavior, but it is clear the Curtis watch the bulk of world as generally an excellent and merely trying to obtain by. In an interview with facility for the cooperation Classroom, Curtis spoke of his interest in the Hooverville: “ observed these locations as great representations that what can be the best of person nature. People recognized the require to care for one another, to work-related toward maintaining peace, and to recognize the sense of a shared destiny.”

Bud’s short time at the Hooverville additionally gives Curtis a chance to show that the Depression touched all world regardless the race. Certainly African Americans to be the “last hired, first fired” and their unemployment rate was double that of the country as a whole—25%—but the economic disaster was remarkably widespread. In an interview with "Art Works" host Josephine Reed, Curtis explained, “families room torn personal by poverty and also by the truth that one member can not work. It"s a tragedy the was taking place ago during the an excellent Depression. And also it"s probably also a bigger tragedy now. Due to the fact that we"ve had actually so lot time go by. And also it seems as though us could"ve done something in the meantime to protect people from having this happen.”

The white family at the Hooverville is curious come Bud because they sit apart from the others. Bud asks Deza around this and also she replies that “my daddy said you got to feel sorry for them….when someone took them part food and also blankets, the male said, ‘Thank you very much, but we’re white people. Us ain’t in require of a handout” (77). This is one absurd and ironic thing for the male to say, as he and also his family members are plainly suffering, but Deza’s father’s pity is possibly a an ext appropriate response because the white family is victimized by the racism the the era too (obviously come a much lesser and also different extent). They have irrationally internalized the presumption that white civilization do not fail and also white people do not need assist from the federal government or from black color people; castle would quite stubbornly organize on come these beliefs than accept aid from world whom they’ve constantly considered in ~ them. Simply as Frederick Douglass comprehensive in his Autobiography with racism and also slavery’s corrupting influence on the formerly kind and also compassionate Sophia Auld, Curtis mirrors that the ingrained adherence to white supremacy ends up hurting those who in many cases advantage from it. Another far-ranging aspect that Curtis’s engagement with race is the though every one of the main characters are black, they room not victims. Plenty of depictions of african Americans in films or literature show them as bad or illiterate or “thugs” or druggies or listless children. Sure, Bud is an orphan, yet during the Depression many, many kids of every races and also classes were. Lefty Lewis is one intelligent family members man with a solid job. The Amoses have the sources to take it in indigent children. And also perhaps most conspicuously, the band members are financially stable and also have a an excellent standard or living. Young readers are therefore exposed to black characters who execute not conform to stereotypes.

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Finally, among the most an effective images in the message is the which Bud conjures for himself: a door opening and also a door closing. This derives from a an allegory Bud’s Momma uses to explain to she son exactly how sometimes things that seem negative are actually an excellent because they space opening increase a new opportunity or initiating a new phase of life. A door is, the course, a price of passage, with an open door symbolizing freedom of movement/opportunity and also a closeup of the door door symbolizing frustration of efforts or finality. Bud understands what she is saying and uses this metaphor to orient himself in his life’s journey. The an allegory also enables readers to attach to the bigger theme that Bud’s coming-of-age and also to see very clearly the stages of young adulthood and self-awareness the he is traveling.

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