I have a Laptop ASUS 2000, Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz, 1 GB, home windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. I can"t upgrade to windows 10 because my processor is no supported, windows says, although windows 7 operation fine. Is there perhaps another solution come upgrade?


No. The just solution is to acquire a more recent laptop.

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Background: The pentium IV CPU is an extremely old. Newer CPU has actually gained new features. Among those is the NX bit which is supplied to boost security.

Windows 7 can optionally usage this.Windows 8 and later require it.

So come install home windows 10 you require a CPU with this hardware component in the CPU. And also as far as I recognize there space no CPU"s which support NX i beg your pardon fit in a ns IV socket.

Update and also some relevant info:

Power usage: P4 were notoriously strength hungry. Depending on where you live it might make financial sense to dump the old P4 and replace it with something much less power hungry. This also depends on i beg your pardon P4 you have.
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I agree through the answer the the CPU is an extremely old, yet just because that one last check you can go to the BIOS and also make sure that you carry out not have the option to collection the NX or XD flag in the BIOS. Sometimes this is disabled. Probably you room lucky

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One solution can be to try to upgrade the CPU itself. Due to the fact that you go not offer the precise model (ASUS 2000 return nothing), it"s tough to phone call if it is feasible to perform it, yet it might. Friend would have to discover out what the socket is, and try to acquire a second hand Pentium 4 with the NX bit, or even a core Solo/Core Duo, main point 2 Duo. A BIOS upgrade can be necessary.

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(On among my laptop computers it was possible to upgrade the CPU native a Celeron M come a core Duo with the NX bit. Those points come relatively cheap.)

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