Let me guess: you"re planning come move. And the mattress demands to come. Will certainly it fit? Let"s discover out.

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(Or space you one of those people that desires to sleep in your van, rather of pitching a tent, favor us continuous folks? That"s okay: resting in her van can be amazingly comfortable and also fast if the mattress fits. Specifically if you do it into a queen size. If this is no you: great luck moving. Still, will a queen size mattress right in a minivan?)

Time because that a actual answer. Desire to gain out of here and start relocating as easily as possible? right here you go:

Will a queen size mattres to the right in a minivan? A queen size mattress won"t to the right in most passenger minivans. However, if you have actually a combi valve - there is no passenger seats and trim in the back -, yes, it will certainly fit easily. In some minivans that will just fit at an angle. It depends on the kind of minivan and the type of mattress.

The long answer will certainly be more complex than you"d imagine it come be. It involves lots of measurements, creativity, ... And even science. Ns apologize in advance.

In which Models will certainly it Fit?

It really relies on your model minivan. Allow me first give friend the overview:

If you have a compact van there is no passenger seats: yes, a Queen mattress will certainly most likely fit If you have actually a combi minivan L1 (short) model: no, a Queen dimension mattress won"t fit.If you have an extensive combi minivan (L2) with passenger seats in the back, a Queen size mattress quiet won"t fit since of the trim. However if you can remove the passenger seat entirely: you can get the mattress in at an angle.

Now let"s dive into some more detail.

What"s the size of a queen mattress?

Generally, a queen size mattress is 60 in x 80 in, or 150 cm x 200 cm (H x L).

But it relies on whereby you"re from. In some countries there room slight sport in the dimensions, so you need to keep this in psychic if you"re moving a queen mattress in China because that example.

U.S. And Canada: 60" x 80" or 150cm x 200cmUK: 47" x 80" or 120cm x 200cmBrazil: 62" x 78" or 158cm x 198cmAustralia and also New-Zealand: 60" x 80" or 152cm x 203cmChina: 72" x 74" or 182cm x 188cmJapan: 61" x 77" or 154cm x 195cm

In this article, we"ll use the traditional U.S. Queen mattress size, due to the fact that this one is most prevalent.

The form of mattress also plays critical part. Foam mattresses are easy to compress and will fit conveniently in nearly any compact van. Box spring mattresses carry springs, which do it difficult to compress. Castle won"t right if the van doesn"t offer enough space. A great rule of ignorance is: the higher the high quality of the mattress, the more complicated to compress. So be mindful of what form of mattress friend have.

What"s the dimension of a minivan pack area?

Types of internal layouts

First, of, there space several varieties of minivans. A minivan, additionally called MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) or MUV (multi-utility vehicle), is considered a compact van with a high-roof and also flexible interior layout. Most minivans have actually a slide door because that the cargo or passenger area.

The most typical layouts are:

compact van - an empty cargo area, simply the two front seatsdouble cab-in van - extr two flexible passenger seats, less cargo spacecombi - added three versatile passenger seats, no cargo space

Naturally, the form of van dictates the quantity of cargo space. With many minivans though, gift a an excellent multi-purpose vehicle, you have the right to fold the rear seats or eliminate them entirely, developing loads that room for huge items. But large enough because that a mattress?

What form of minivan perform I have?

If friend don"t know what form of minivan girlfriend have, there"s straightforward trick to uncover out. You simply check out the rear windows and also amount of seats.

If friend only have front windows and 2 seats, you many likely have actually a compact van model.If you have actually just windows in the sliding door and 4 seats, you many likely have actually a double cab-in valve model.If you have windows in the earlier all the way and 6+ seats, you many likely have a combi model.

Most people, when talking of a minivan, refer to a combi minivan - i beg your pardon can bring up to 7 people. This also means there"s a lot of additional trim (more top top this later on on).

Compact van model
Combi van version - home windows in the back

Sizes of minivans every layout

So, through that in mind, I"ll provide you the typical dimensions for those three various layouts vans.

The average dimension the a minivans cargo area is (LxWxH):

compact van: 87" x 59" x 49" - 2200mm x 1500mm x 1250mmcombi and double cab-in van: 71" x 57" x 49" - 1800mm x 1450mm x 1250mmcombi and double cab-in van extra long: 85" x 57" x 49" - 2150mm x 1450mm x 1250mm

So the mattress appears to fit quite well in compact vans, yet not so well in combis and double cab-in vans, uneven it"s an L2 model.

It it s okay worse. This numbers are a bit deceiving since they don"t account for the broad of the wheel arches, i m sorry will definitely be in the way. An ext importantly, any type of combi type of layout will be completely lined and also trimmed. We need to take into account the depth that the trim, which will be comprehensive (about the exact same depth together the wheel arches).

With high-end combi vans, the trim largely lines up pretty lot with the wheel arches. So rather of using the manufacturers" width, let"s use the width in between the wheel arches for this kind of van.

combi and twin cab-in van width: 1150mm

All the a sudden the outlook changes entirely. The mattress will plainly not fit. Or deserve to we still acquire it in?

You can try to obtain it in in ~ an angle

If the trim that the van is in the way, us probably have the right to still gain it in in ~ an angle.

In most minivans girlfriend can gain in the mattress at an angle. Here"s some an excellent old scientific research to prove it (I love geometry).

If the broad is 1220mm, and the height is 1250mm, the diameter that the stems is:

√(1220² + 1250²) = 1747mmMeaning: yes, if you can use the full height the the minivan, you can fit in the mattress at an angle.

Though, if girlfriend cannot eliminate the behind seats (ie. You have the right to just fold them), this might reduce your elevation by 40cm, meaning:

√(1220² + 750²) = 1432mmMeaning: no, you can"t to the right in the mattress, also at one angle.

In this Skoda Yeti you deserve to actually eliminate the rear seatsThe broad of the behind doors deserve to be a actual problem

Sometimes, the mattress will certainly fit in the auto just fine, however the behind doors aren"t large enough to press the mattress through. This will normally be a problem if your mattress is an extremely stiff - it"s, because that example, a box spring - do it impossible to compress the mattress.


So, normally speaking, will certainly it fit?

A Queen mattress will certainly most most likely fit if you have actually a compact van without passenger seats. If you have actually a combi minivan L1 (short) model, the length of the cargo area won"t right a Queen dimension mattress.But even if you have an extended combi minivan with passenger seats (L2) in the back, a Queen size mattress quiet won"t fit due to the fact that of the trim.Unless you deserve to remove the passenger seat entirely, which allows you to obtain it in in ~ an angle.

How can I be victorious if it doesn"t fit?

So your behind door is holding friend back. Or your minivan simply isn"t big enough. You still have a couple of alternatives to succeed. But you need to be a little bit creative.

Vac Pac the thing

If the mattress isn"t as well stiff or doesn"t have actually springs in it, you have the right to vac pac it. You most likely do require to produce your very own vacuum bag despite (I couldn"t find one big enough because that a reasonable price) - or invest a quite dime. However, it can be done, together Nik Sargent proves in this blog.

I indicate you use these heavy Duty Mattress Bags (click to inspect current price top top Amazon) - cheap, and suitable vac it using your vacuum cleaner.

I was kidding before. But if you have actually a foam mattress, this yes, really is the way to go.

Tie the mattress come the roof

This is how you gain things done

You can additionally tie the mattress on peak of the minivan. This requires some attention to detail, together failing to tie it correctly may an outcome in attention situations and accidents. Yet it is a good option. Height tip: fill the mattress in a mattress bag. This babies only cost a couple of dollars, and it avoids you from utilizing your mattress as a shuffle, getting all kinds of outdoor problem inside your new bedroom.

This is best practice:

Roll down all friend windowsPlace a lengthy piece of rope lengthwisePlace the mattress top top topAnyone who needs to it is in in the vehicle while moving, obtain in nowString two pieces that rope v the windows, over the mattress, and also tie togetherUse the length wise rope come weave under and also over the width way ropes and tie firmly

Use good, thick rope the won"t snap. Don"t use the high way when you have actually a mattress on her car, it"s not safe. Don"t speed, drive slowly and also keep distance. Usage reinforcement if necessary, such as bungee cords and tape. Good luck!

Exact inner Dimensions for different Models

If you"re looking for thorough dimensions the the inner of minivans, make certain to inspect out my articles on these:

If you have the connect compact van model without trim in the back, it will fit indigenous the L2 on. However, the L1 doesn"t administer enough size for the entire mattress to fit in.

Related Questions

Will a queen mattress to the right in a dodge Caravan? The interior elevation of the evade Caravan is lower than many minivans, making it very difficult to acquire the mattress in in ~ an angle. Also, most Caravans have rear passenger seat or trim. If you can take the end the passenger seats and don"t have any type of trim, the matress will fit.

Can you fit a king mattress in a minivan? A king mattress won"t fit in most minivans. The dimension of a king-size mattress is roughly 76 inches broad by 80 inches. The fill area of a minivan is on average 87" x 59" x 49" (or 2200mm x 1500mm x 1250mm). A king mattress is too broad for virtually all minivans, and also it won"t to the right in an angle.

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Can you fit a full-size mattress in a minivan? A full-size mattress will certainly fit in many minivans. The size of a full-size mattress is on mean 53" x 75". The fill area the a minivan is about 87" x 59" x 49" (or 2200mm x 1500mm x 1250mm). However, some minivans have actually a the majority of trim, making it more difficult to fit.