The queen is the most powerful of every one of the pieces and is often used in early and brutal attacks.It is vital to learn how to make her opponent are afraid your dangerous queen!

Here is what you should know about the queen:

The Queen

At the beginning of the game, the white queen is inserted on the d1-square, and the black queen starts on the d8-square (directly next to the kings). It is precious noting the the white queen is inserted on a light square, and also the black color queen is put on a dark square.

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Starting positions for the queens.

The queen is more valuable than any kind of other piece. The queen is worth ripe points, a pawn is precious one point, a bishop and knight space worth three points, and a rook is worth five points.

How The Queen Moves

As mentioned, the queen is the most powerful piece. This is since the queen can attack (or defend) more squares than any other piece!

The queen moves similarly to lot of pieces. It have the right to move in any kind of direction prefer a king (but the queen is not restricted to a solitary square). The queen deserve to move the same method a rook can, moving openly up and also down top top any record and left and right on any rank.

The queen have the right to move choose a rook.

The queen can additionally move easily on any kind of diagonal favor a bishop.

The queen can likewise move favor a bishop.

The queen can move as numerous squares together it likes as long as that is not blocked by another piece or inhabited square. The queen can catch an adversary piece by moving to the populated square.

One easy means to remember how the queen moves is that it moves prefer a rook and also bishop combined.

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The queen moves choose a rook and bishop combined!

Please note that the queen can not jump end pieces favor a knight—if it is blocked (like in the starting position), climate it cannot move!


Let"s check out if you can recognize wherein a queen deserve to move. In the adhering to diagram can the white queen catch the pawn ~ above f7?

Can the white queen catch the pawn top top f7?

The price is no because the bishop on c4 blocks the queen! However, the queen can capture the pawn on b7.

As mentioned, a queen deserve to be used to command early and vicious attacks. In the position below, have the right to the white queen capture the pawn top top f7?

Can the white queen catch the pawn ~ above f7 in this position?

That"s right! The white queen can catch the f7-pawn and in doing for this reason delivers checkmate!


You now know where a queen is put at the start of the game, just how much a queen is valued, and how a queen moves. Gain your brand-new knowledge, and strike fear in the mind of your enemies with your queen!

Watch the video Lesson

Reading an article is a good way come learn. For part people, watching a video lesson is even better! clock this short video clip lesson listed below to check out the queen in action!