This functional food provides an excellent main course or side dish. But it may not be the ideal for your bearded dragon, at leastern not all the time. Can bearded dragons eat eggs? If so, must they be scrambled, boiled, raw? Can beardies eat the shell? Let’s unscramble all these concerns around eggs!

Can You Feed Bearded Dragons Eggs At All? 

Do bearded dragons eat eggs? (To be clear, we’re talking around chicken eggs below.) The answer is simple: Bearded dragons can safely eat up to fifty percent an egg eincredibly various other week or so. This is mostly bereason eggs are well-off in protein, which your beardie have to already be getting from feeder insects. 

Tright here are some excellent perks to adding a tiny egg to your beardie’s salad eexceptionally when in a while:

Protein. While baby beardies require significantly even more protein than adults and also even juvie dragons, it’s still an essential nutrient for all bearded dragons, regardmuch less of age. For babies in particular, it is vital for expansion and also advance, however all around it likewise helps through power, muscle and organ function, bone stamina, a healthy and balanced immune mechanism, and even more.

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Vitamin D. Eggs are a great resource of Vitamin D, which bearded dragons need in their bodies to procedure calcium. Without the ability to procedure calcium, beardies deserve to come to be dedeveloped and also their bones may sfrequently. They might even die from this incredibly painful problem, which is referred to as metabolic bone disease (MBD). This deserve to be prevented by ensuring your beardie is on a appropriate, balanced diet and also by sprinkling Vitamin-D-infused calcium powder on his live feeder insects. 

More vitamins. Eggs sell your beardie a healthy dose of Vitamin A, which promotes healthy skin, a healthy and balanced immune device, and great vision; and also Vitamin B12, which rises metabolism, power levels, and also brain feature. They are additionally a great source of iron, which is especially crucial for baby bearded dragon advancement.


Why Can’t Bearded Dragons Eat Eggs Frequently? 

The major source of protein for your dragon have to be insects, also for your baby dragon that needs 80% of her diet to be protein-based. On average, one egg has around 6 grams of protein. This varies a little based upon the size of the egg. 

When your adult, baby, or juvie dragon is already eating a steady diet of protein-packed feeder insects, they really don’t need eggs in their diet. A little bit little bit of egg below and tright here is safe, however too a lot egg deserve to reason wellness issues.

When a dragon has actually as well a lot protein, he deserve to experience from the following: 

DiabetesObesityFatty liver diseaseHeart failure

There is one exception to the limiting-egg preeminence. If you happen to have a bearded dragon who doesn’t take also well to feeder insects or if you adopted a beardie that shows up malnourished, it might be safe to include even more eggs to their diet to boost their wellness. 

However before, if you do have a malnouriburned bearded dragon, please inspect with your vet about the ideal way to administer protein. That way you have the right to make certain your beardie gets enough, yet not too a lot, and also you deserve to verify that eggs are a safe alternative to attempt.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Scrambled Eggs?

How do you serve eggs to your dragon? Raw? Omelette-style? Fried? You could wonder if you have the right to simply scramble eggs for your dragon. 

The answer is yes! Bearded dragons can safely eat scrambled eggs. They have the right to additionally eat tough boiled eggs. Just remember these pointers:

Adult bearded dragons have to eat no more than fifty percent an egg at a time, max. If you"re scrambling the egg, don’t mix any type of extra ingredients via it. This means no seasoning, no oil, no butter, no dairy, and so on Bearded dragons can’t tolerate dairy, and their digestive devices might not react well to oil and also seasonings. You shouldn’t even usage cooking spray, so be sure to usage a nonstick frying pan or scramble the egg in the microwave.You have the right to serve scrambled eggs with staple veggies, just don’t cook the veggies in with the eggs. You can mix them together after the egg is cooked and cooled.

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Boiled eggs need to be peeled and chopped into little pieces.It’s finest to feed your dragon eggs from cost-free selection, grass fed chickens

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raw Eggs?

Some Dragon Keepers wonder if they have to prepare the eggs before serving them. The fact is, bearded dragons have to not eat raw eggs. Raw eggs are most likely to bring bacteria which can make your beardie exceptionally ill, perhaps fatally ill. Feeding your dragon raw eggs is not worth the hazard of acquiring your dragon sick.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Eggshells? 

Eggshells are absolutely packed through calcium, which is a very essential mineral for bearded dragon breakthrough. So you may wonder if your bearded dragon deserve to eat eggshells. 

It’s not exceptionally safe to let your bearded dragon eat eggshells. Here’s why:

Bacteria. Eggshells can contain harmful bacteria that will make your dragon sick. Dangerous to swpermit. Eggshells would certainly need to be ground to a powder to be consumed safely since the bits and also pieces of egg shell deserve to scrape your beardie’s throat and cause choking or gut impactivity. Too much calcium. Even if you did decide to feed powdered eggshell, it can be incredibly difficult to track just how much your bearded dragon actually consumes. It’s primarily less complicated to just dust their live insects with a powdered calcium supplement so you can store track, because it is feasible for bearded dragons to have actually too much calcium. As with too little calcium, that deserve to reason health concerns too—specifically Hypercalcemia, a rare condition that weakens the muscles and have the right to cause death. 

All in all, scrambled or boiled eggs have the right to be a safe way to introduce a tiny more protein to your dragon’s diet, as long as they aren’t fed also regularly.