There are many myths and also false principles in the world about the process of conception in humans. The good news? We have accurate, evidence-based info to aid clear up those misconceptions around how pregnancy occurs.

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The basics that conception: how does a person gain pregnant?

In an average fertile heterosexual couple, the procedure of conception, works choose this: The woman will certainly release an egg from one of her ovaries around two weeks after the first day of her menstrual cycle. The egg travel from one of the ovaries and also through the fallopian tube toward the uterus.

If sperm are present, the egg commonly meets the sperm in the outermost third of the fallopian tube. The male’s ejaculate (the fluid that includes the semen) will contain between 30 to 300 million sperm, which all strive come swim the street to fulfill up through the egg, passing with the vagina, into the cervix, v the uterus, and also into the fallopian tubes.

While sperm deserve to live inside a woman’s body for approximately 5 days, the egg is just viable for around 24 hours. This renders it an essential that the sperm and also the egg meet in that home window in order because that fertilization come occur. If a sperm is able to fertilize the egg, the fertilized egg will automatically begin the process of cell division, together it proceeds its journey with the fallopian tube and nestles in the lining the the uterus about a week later.

What space the opportunities of getting pregnant if mine partner and also I perform not have any type of fertility issues?

Even if there are no fertility problems, the odds of coming to be pregnant will vary from cycle come cycle. Around 80 percent the couples who are trying to gain pregnant will develop in about 6 months, through the bulk of those conceiving in the first 3 months. This will vary relying on a couple of factors, including:

The period of the separation, personal, instance partners

Health history (e.g. Weight, chronic diseases, etc.)

Social background (e.g. Smoking, drinking, etc.)

How generally they have actually sex

About 9 percent the men and 11 percent of females are said to have actually a fertility worry that will prevent conception or do conception difficult.

If she 35 or younger, you need to seek assist from a reproductive endocrinologist or various other specialist if you have been do the efforts to get pregnant because that one year with well-timed intercourse. After period 35, or before age 35 with particular medical conditions, you need to only wait six months prior to seeking help. Among the most quickly identified components in fertility problems is the period of the world involved.

Can I gain pregnant if the man doesn’t pass through all the method or if he pulls out before ejaculation?

The prize is yes, girlfriend can. Pre-ejaculate exit from the dick can include tiny amounts the sperm, and also it takes just one durable sperm to obtain you pregnant.

The withdrawal (“pull-out”) method can be a risky, unreliable type of birth control; plan Parenthood tells us that the end of every 100 women who have a partner who offers withdrawal, that 22 that those females will come to be pregnant. In comparison, only 2-8 the end of every 100 females who use some kind of birth regulate pill will become pregnant.

For those who do choose to usage the tap the money method, to plan Parenthood does offer advice to do it more effective: The man should urinate in between ejaculations prior to having sex again. This will help decrease the chances that sperm will certainly be left in the urethra and be current in pre-ejaculate.

The bottom line: The guy does no necessarily have to ejaculate to gain you pregnant. Over there is a opportunity of pregnancy whenever any semen or pre-ejaculate spills onto the vulva (the woman’s external genital area).

Can semen travel through clothing?

This is among those questions for which over there really are no researches to carry out answers, yet we have the right to deduce through logic that it is incredibly unlikely. Sperm space actually really fragile. This way that clothed “dry humping” is unlikely to an outcome in pregnancy.

Can I become pregnant if I have sex during my period?

It is possible. If you have actually sex towards the finish of her period, the sperm will still be lively in 72 or much more hours after friend have had sex. Therefore, if friend ovulate at an early stage enough in your cycle, that is feasible that there space still part live sperm inside your body, also though it has been days since you’ve had sex.

Can I obtain my female partner pregnant if I obtain ejaculate on my hand and then touch mine partner’s genitals?

This question and variations that it are common. One more common question people ask is whether dried sperm deserve to come earlier to life as soon as moistened.

The American pregnant Association is clean in stating that as soon as sperm is dry, the is dead. Sperm cannot be brought back to life by gift remoistened. For this reason if the sperm has dried, that is no going to obtain anyone pregnant.

Sperm can live because that days inside the body in the right environment. External of the human being body, sperm have actually a much much shorter existence.

So exactly how long can sperm live exterior the body?

How lengthy sperm have the right to stay alive exterior of the body counts on the problems surrounding it. Depending upon conditions, sperm have the right to live from a few minutes to around 20 minutes outside the body.

If the sperm is dry, there is no chance for pregnancy. But if you have ejaculate on your hands the is not dry or washed turn off completely, and you gain that ejaculate all over near her female partner’s vagina, then perhaps there is a slight risk for pregnancy.

Your finest bet is to constantly wash her hands thoroughly if you have any type of semen or pre-ejaculate fluids on them before touching your female partner’s vulva or vagina.

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Bottom line

Unplanned pregnant is a issue for many. There are numerous factors in ~ play, for this reason it’s typical to have anxiety about different scenarios that may be running through your head. Once in doubt, assume over there is a pregnancy risk, and take precautions by picking a birth control method that is right for you and also your partner.


Robin Elise Weiss, Ph.D.Robin Elise Weiss, Ph.D., LCCE, CLC, AdvCD(DONA) is a childbirth educator, doula, founder that, and the award-winning pregnancy and also parenting writer of “The finish Illustrated overview to Pregnancy” and much more than 10 various other books. Between her ripe children, teaching childbirth classes, and also attending births for more than two decades, she has built up an impressive and also practical understanding base. You have the right to follow Robin top top Twitter