Ferrets are a unique kind of pet. There is not much info widely spread around them as there are around cats and also dogs. A regular question of brand-new ferret owners is, “can ferrets eat wet cat food?”


As a pet shop owner, I can understand your worries. So, i will shot to broaden on this topic.

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The an easy answer is yes. Ferrets can eat wet cat food. But, the matter is more complex than that.

To understand an ext about the issue, we have actually to gain into why ferrets eat a specific food and also in what way can wet cat food substitute for that.The wet cat food available at pet shops is virtually always inedible come them. You deserve to prepare it in ~ home, however you should make preparations and also make the in a particular way.

What is a Ferret?

Ferrets room carnivorous animals. They room not common pets. It is why most human being don’t know how to manage them and also their diet.

Carnivorous pets live generally on meat. They cannot digest vegetables, fruits, and also grains. You can’t train a ferret come eat this sort of carbohydrate.

If girlfriend do, then her pet will experience from malnutrition and diseases. Lock will gain a dull coat and also become much more lethargic. There is a high opportunity they may die.

What Ferrets Like

So, the is much better to feed them the food they have the right to eat. Ferrets like:

Chicken wingsPidgeonRabbit meatGame meat of various kindsMinced beefChicken carcassesMiceTurkey neckLambChickOffalRaw animal bones

Dos and also Don’ts of meal Prep

These are all proteins. However, we have to balance a ferret’s diet. Your food need to compose the thirty-eight percent that protein and also twenty percent fat.

A an excellent diet can also make her ferret’s coat slick and also shiny. Plus, raw bones will strengthen their bones and clean their teeth. You can find the iffy to feed raw food, however these points are required to accomplish their nutritional needs.

Live food such as mice, rats, and chicks we have to buy native a reliable seller. If caught from the outside, the pets may save bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

The raw food we have to not leave the end in the open, however rotten raw food can reason food poisoning to her pet.

Ferrets and also Wet Cat Food

Kinds of Cat Food

There space two types of cat food: dry or kibbles and also wet or crate cat food. Ferrets have the right to eat both also though there are some flaw to consuming them.

Dry food is high in calories. Lock can meet a ferret’s caloric intake. But, a ferret has actually not the physiognomy to eat kibbles.

They have actually sharp canine teeth for tearing and biting meat. It is why they can not grind dry cat food. If over there is any type of need to feed them this, climate only provide them circular-shaped ones.

Wet Cat Food

Can ferrets eat wet cat food regularly? No. If canned food is affluent in protein and also taurine, it has seventy percent water in it. A ferret requirements eight to ten meals a day, and this short amount that food is not sufficient for them.

Even though they need much more water because that hydration, too much water and too little sustenance room unhealthy. Canned kitten food is recipient in an emergency or as one meal. That is due to the fact that kitten food has high quantities of protein.


By the moment a ferret is six months the age, it becomes offered to the food the eats. After ~ that, as it grows older, it reaction negatively come diet change. Therefore, us must establish a healthy and balanced regimen from birth.

Kibbles or crate food is devastating for a ferret’s teeth. They can reason various gum and teeth disease. This form of fare intake is to it is in regulated.

Also, once buying cat food, only buy grain-free ones. The meat must be the main ingredient. If the chow is listed as meat by-products, then pick a various brand of box food.

The level of carbohydrate should also be minimum.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

1.What kind of cat food have the right to ferrets eat?

Ans: The form of cat food that has no grains. Ferrets can not digest carbohydrate in large quantities.

2.Can ferrets eat 9 lives cat food?

Ans: Yes, in one emergency. The is not perfect for lock in the long run.

3.What foods items can death ferrets?

Ans: Ferrets’ diet is different from various other pets. If the food lack in nutrient that lock need, climate they will slowly die.

4.What space the list of food that ferrets can eat?

Ans: Ferrets deserve to eat pellets, life meat (chicken, rabbit, sheep, etc.), and also fatty acid. Over there is much more food, and they are detailed above.

5.Can ferrets eat tuna?

Ans:Ferrets generally do not eat fish. The is not in their nature. But they deserve to eat it.

So, they can eat tuna also though they i will not ~ usually perform it out of their violation.

6.Can ferrets eat dog food?

Ans: No, friend can’t. Dog food consists of vegetable protein. Ferrets cannot digest this kind of facility carbohydrate because of their short digestive tract

7.Can ferrets be offered tap water?

Ans: Yes, they can. However, they could not drink that if over there is too lot chlorine in the water. In this case, you have the right to filter it.

8.Do ferrets eat nuts?

Ans: No. Ferrets have a slight same to squirrels, yet their diets are wholly different.


“Can ferrets eat wet cat food?” The prize is yes; castle can. However, dry cat food is better for them.

Wet cat food or dry cat food doesn’t matter since the source of the question is about their pets living on a cat’s diet. It is a reasonable question, though. Food made specifically for ferrets is not available in most pet shops.

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And most owners space intimidated at the assumed of feeding castle the wrong stuff. In the lengthy run, the is finest if we offer them raw meat. We have the right to put this dilemmas and also doubts to rest if we know much more about ferrets, diets, and also preparing meals for them.