Seeds are great snacks for numerous animals, you will especially see birds fawning end these exorbitant foodstuffs! seed are straightforward to find, cheap to buy and, in countless cases, rather nutritious. This regularly leads world to asking if hamsters deserve to eat seeds. An ext specifically, castle ask if hamsters have the right to eat sunflower seeds. So have the right to they? The great news is that hamsters certain love sunflower seeds! They have the right to be a an excellent snack for her pet and also they deserve to introduce too many of critical nutrients right into their diet.

This write-up will be going end what sunflower seeds are, exactly how you deserve to feed lock to your pet and the benefits of offering them to her hamster! we will likewise look in ~ the amount that friend should give to them and the difficulties that can happen if you feeding them also much. Read on and enjoy!

What room Sunflower Seeds?

Sunflower seeds space the seed that come from, girlfriend guessed it, sunflowers! there are fairly a few versions that this seed consisting of sunflower oil seeds, linoleic seeds and also oleic seeds! they are generally named after your colour, such as black oil sunflower seeds! 52 million tonnes of this are created every year and they are incredibly popular in eastern European countries. Ukraine top top its own created 14.2 tonnes in 2018! They can be a fantastic snack for human and also animal alike!

Can Hamsters eat Sunflower Seeds?

As stated before, absolutely! These lovely seeds have the right to be a wonderful snack for her pet, they room sure to enjoy them! clear you need to keep to a particular amount together you don’t desire to overfeed your hamster! Syrian hamsters, Robo hamsters and Dwarf hamsters every love this seeds!

How come feed her hamster Sunflower Seeds?

When you are giving treats, such as this seed, to her pet, always make sure you space holding them or make sure that you room close come them. This is due to the fact that giving treats to your hamster can strengthen her bond and also assist in socializing them. Only give a tiny amount to your hamster at first, this is to figure out if they like sunflower seeds. Yes no suggest giving your pet a many it if lock just neglect it! Your hamster could put the food in your cheek poaches though.

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Make certain that you wash the particle beforehand. This it s okay rid of any of the chemicals that may have been top top the seeds to safeguard it whilst it was growing. Pesticides can hurt her hamster’s health.

Consider feeding this seed to her hamster as component of a daily diet including treats like pumpkin seedscabbage and carrots! Lots of fruit, veggies and seeds are an excellent for her hamster!


How numerous sunflower seeds have the right to you feed your hamster?

The lot of sunflower seeds that a hamster can eat relies on what each other they are! Syrians are bigger than Robos and also Robos space bigger 보다 Dwarfs. This influence how countless seeds they deserve to enjoy! Too many seeds have the right to hurt their health and wellness after all!

How many sunflower seeds should Syrian hamsters eat

Syrian hamsters love these seeds, and also they deserve to eat approximately 4 per day! This is because sunflower seeds are rather fattening, you don’t desire a fat hamster! that is the perfect amount of seeds for her pet, not too little and not as well many!

How countless sunflower seeds need to Robo hamsters eat

Robos room the center child of the hamster family! castle are smaller sized than Syrians yet bigger 보다 dwarfs! This method that Robos should have actually a maximum of 2 sunflower seeds a day. This is enough for lock to reap them yet it’s not as well many!

How numerous sunflower seeds must Dwarf Hamsters eat

Dwarf hamsters, such together Winter White dwarf hamsters, Chinese hamsters and also Campbell Dwarf hamsters, have to only have approximately 1 sunflower seeds every couple of days. This is due to the fact that of them being much smaller than Syrian and also Robo hamsters. Lock are very susceptible to obesity which means that you have to only give them a little amount!

Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds room seen as rather a healthy snack! They have plenty of benefits for both human and hamster. Castle contain vitamins and also nutrients such as:

Potassium – This benefits the heart and kidneys which will boost your pet’s all at once healthIron. This helps your hamster’s blood and ensure the they can thrive up nice and also strong! Magnesium – This helps control your pet’s blood pressureCalcium – This helps your hamster’s teeth and bones stay nice and healthyVitamin E – This ensures that your hamster’s eyes and also skin remain healthy!

Risks the Sunflower Seeds

Although there are plenty of benefits to sunflower seeds, there room a few risks together well. These risks only come to be a trouble if friend feed your hamster too numerous seeds, if you save the amount tiny then you will be fine!

Sunflower seeds contain a the majority of fat. Fat can an outcome in your hamster ending up being obese and also suffering from diabetes. This have the right to reduce your lifespanSunflower seeds can fill up your hamster. This method that castle won’t have a completely diverse nutrient-rich diet. Sunflower seeds contain a the majority of vitamin C. This can cause diarrhoea in high amounts. The salt in salted sunflower seed can injury your hamster’s health. Save them away from salted sunflower seeds

What kind of sunflower seeds can hamsters eat?

As stated before, there’s many of different species of these lovely seeds. We will be taking you v the main types and if her hamster have the right to eat them!

Striped Sunflower Seeds

Striped sunflower seeds space the most common type of seed, so it is obvious that hamsters deserve to absolutely eat them! Our pet love these seeds however you always need come remember to keep them to a minimum!

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Black oil sunflower seeds are absolutely safe for your hamster.

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They have the exact same nutrients as every one of the rest and can be fed in specifically the exact same amount. Just remember that they contain the same risks as well, so save the amount come a minimum.

Shelled Sunflower Seeds

Shelled and unshelled sunflower seeds space both fine for your pet. The shelled range may provide an ext entertainment for her hamster together they attempt to remove the shell, and also this have the right to improve your bone health and wellness as well. However, both varieties are for sure fine, as lengthy as lock are provided in the best amount.

Salted Sunflower Seeds

Can hamsters eat salted sunflower seeds? We don’t recommend the salted variety of this particle for her hamster. This is due to the fact that hamsters do not do it be having actually much salt in ~ all, we can’t introduce it because of that! Salt for hamsters can result in high blood pressure and an in its entirety lowered lifespan.

Conclusion – have the right to Hamsters Eat Sunflower Seeds?

So, hamsters can absolutely reap these delicious seeds! You must feed Syrians more than dwarfs and also dwarfs much more than Robos. This help to keep the health of your hamsters! Striped and also black oil sunflower seeds room fine, so are shelled seeds. Just continue to be away indigenous the salted variety! This food has a lot of of added benefits consisting of magnesium and also vitamin E however it walk contain a the majority of fat. So be careful!

Has her hamster consumed sunflower seed before? How plenty of do friend give? allow us recognize in the comments!

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