Learn how come dye your easter eggs naturally utilizing fruits, veggies and also spices! This is a fun task and experiment for the kids too!


Natural Easter Egg Dye

Easter is roughly the corner and also my youngsters love all the activities that go in addition to the holiday. Dice the Easter eggs is one of their favourite traditions. As a mom, i don’t love the store bought dyes that go in addition to this fine loved ritual! I try to feeding my children a healthy and organic diet. And also dyes include harmful chemistry don’t go together with this philosophy.

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So, this year I collection out to readjust our tradition. I made decision to try my hand at natural easter egg dye by making use of fruit and also vegetables. ~ all, some of the many beautiful colors are uncovered within all the exorbitant fruits and vegetables that are at our fingertips!

I tested out various vegetables, fruits and also drinks for this project. Native frozen cherries come teas, it showed to be a fun experiment that my children enjoyed as lot as our normal egg dyeing activity!

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Questions you may have around how come dye easter eggs naturally

Can girlfriend dye brown egg naturally?

Yes! brown eggs can be dyed too. The colors will not be as bright, however the eggs will have a beautiful earthy ton to them. Maybe try half of each, white and also brown and also see which you choose best!

How execute you Dye a beautiful egg Naturally?

Since you space working with natural pigments discovered in nature, the color is not going to look favor it come out of paint can. But, the crucial to dying a beautiful egg naturally is to let the sit in the dye for longer. The much longer it sits, the more saturated the shade will be! for the brown tea dye, i let the egg sit in the shade for a couple of days to gain a darker, richer color.

Does apple Cider Vinegar occupational for dice eggs?

The prize is correct! Apple Cider Vinegar includes the exact same acidity important for dying egg so it functions perfectly! as result of the shade of the ACV, that may readjust the shade of the dye yet that could work come your benefit with these natural easter egg dyes.


Natural Easter Egg Dye Recipes

Here space our favorite ingredients to make your egg dye. The longer you allow your hard boiled eggs sit in the organic dye, the richer the colors will be. You can place the jars through your eggs in the refrigerator overnight and see what colors friend wake up to the next morning!

For each mixture, include 1 tablespoon the distilled white vinegar.


Use 1 cup of sugar beet juice (from a deserve to of beets)

Purplish Gray

Use 1 cup that frozen blueberries. Include 1 cup that water and also let sit for 2 hours. Stress, overload the liquid and include vinegar and pour into jar.

Or usage 1 cup of concord grape juice.

Light Brown

Add 4-5 black range tea bags to boiling water. Once cool, eliminate the tea bags and also mix v vinegar.


Add 2 tablespoons of floor tumeric to 1 cup of boiling water. Stir come dissolve. This create a beautiful herbal easter egg dye.


Combine 1 cup the carrot juice v vinegar.

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Combine 1 cup of new spinach juice v vinegar.


So, try out these herbal easter egg dyes and also let me know how it goes! i think following year us may shot these same recipes yet make part designs using leaves and flowers and an old stocking!