In this guide, i am going to explain how alcohol that is trapped in her mouth can administer a falsely high reading on a breathalyzer test.

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If you certainly did have mouth alcohol we have the right to use the in ours defense.

Let’s gain started…..

But first, watch this video clip to recognize which medical conditions can add to alcohol gift trapped in her mouth.


1. Exactly how Does Alcohol Trapped In your Mouth cause A False BAC Reading?

2. When have the right to Mouth Alcohol Be used As A DUI Defense?

A breathalyzer is draft to record a deep lung sample of your breath so regarding presumably register an exact reading of your blood alcohol concentration.


However, the breathalyzer will likewise pick up any residual mouth alcohol. This is alcohol from an alcoholic beverage or from part other source that deserve to remain in your mouth or neck for as much as 15 minutes.

What various other Sources Can cause Mouth Alcohol?

Mouth alcohol have the right to come from numerous sources including:

GerdMouthwash or Breath SpraysChewing tobaccoCertain medications

Let’s take a look in ~ these situations individually.

How carry out Dentures or Dental occupational Mouth Alcohol?

If you have actually braces or dentures that is very possible that any alcohol friend drank becomes trapped in the dentist work2.

How do Mouthwash and Breath Sprays reason Mouth Alcohol?

Some mouthwashes and also breath sprays such together Listerin contain alcohol.


If girlfriend used any type of in the moments prior to being tested for your BAC, it have the right to potentially reason a optimistic or high BAC an outcome even though you drank no alcohol.

Additionally, chewing tobacco sometimes consists of raw ethyl alcohol. This is the same kind of alcohol uncovered in wine, beer, and hard liquor.

When have the right to Mouth Alcohol Be offered As A DUI Defense?

The mouth alcohol defense have the right to be a legitimate and also effective one under part circumstances. However, the is only offered in a DUI trial.

Prosecutors will certainly not typically reduce DUI fees if the only defense gift is mouth alcohol.

So How can Mouth Alcohol Defense be Used……

Your defense lawyer will need to introduce an experienced to testify in ~ trial that the result of the breath test was inaccurate due to mouth alcohol.


How walk The Forensic Alcohol skilled Make the Determination?

The following is a non-exhaustive list the alcohol skilled will consider:

The time of initial contact with police and the breath test.The separation, personal, instance health background of the defendant.Any discrepancy in between the readings ~ above the breath test.Maintenance records of the breath testing instruments.

Why Is the Time between Initial call With Police and also The Breath check Important?

If over there is an insufficient amount of time between the officers first contact and the breath test, there is a higher liklihood that any mouth alcohol has actually not beeen given enough time to dissipate.

This has actually been encode in the California password of regulations under title 17 together the 15 minute monitoring period.

Failure of the police officer to observe you for 15 minutes boosts the likelihood the mouth alcohol3.

How Does separation, personal, instance Health history Affect Mouth Alcohol?

Acid reflux consists of a chronic problem called GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease which can reason mouth alcohol.

If over there is alcohol in her stomach, then a GERD episode might potentially affect the breath check results and also show a false high reading.

What Medication will A Forensic Alcohol professional Review?

There room a variety of asthma drugs that may raise a person’s BAC such together Salmeterol also though that person has not ingested any alcohol4.

These drugs contain alcohol the under some circumstances might appear in a breath sample.

Why walk A Discrepancy in between BAC Readings point To The opportunity Of Mouth Alcohol?

Any big variation that readings points to a likelihood the the sample is not based on deep lung air.

When the sample includes deep lung wait you deserve to expect to view consistency in the BAC numbers.

Why are Maintenance records Important?

The maintenance and calibration records will present if the machines have actually been properly kept to make certain that the BAC tests room accurate.

In Closing….

The mouth alcohol defense may be to work by your attorney at a DUI trial through the assist of an expert and may aid you win a DUI case.

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just how The Mouth Alcohol Defense Can assist Win A DUI Case
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