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My son has a 2006 G6 GT 3.5l engine with negative AC compressor the I require to gain running prior to weekend.I doubt this car was ever sold there is no AC so ns don"t recognize if over there is a much shorter serpentine belt that would certainly fit.If there is go anyone recognize what belt that would certainly be?The pulley in between the crank pulley and the optimal pulley seem come be virtually inline also so i can"t be details a shorter belt would job-related without interference. Any input would certainly be appreciated.Will change AC when he returns in the Spring however no require for that now and I don"t have the time or the compressor to acquire him going asap.Thanks in advance.

what friend would need is referred to as a "bypass pulley" but i did a rapid search and wasnt may be to find one because that our vehilce.
what friend would require is dubbed a "bypass pulley" however i walk a fast search and also wasnt maybe to uncover one because that our vehilce.
Thanks for such a quick reply, however that would not really help much since I would still have to remove the AC compressor.I am hoping the a shorter belt would have the ability to just bypass the compressor and I can then leave everything in place until I have the parts and also the time...and warmer weather also

With belt removed from AC pulley pinch the together, then measure once removed. Will provide you great starting point. Trial and also error, this is what I would do.
Seized!Compressor and also clutch execute not rotate. Wires removed however no dice.Thanks for the replies though.
Clutch bearing seized, deserve to be replaced. Some GM techs execute it there is no removing compressor, they simply pull the clutch assy.
Clutch bearing seized, can be replaced. Part GM techs do it there is no removing compressor, they simply pull the clutch assy.

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I was hoping for a fast temporary solve to obtain the car running for this weekend.I have a compressor coming but it won"t be right here in time due to the Holiday.A belt is a 15 minute and also 30 dollar settle that gets him going till Spring once the weather is a lot nicer.
We did it! We found a temporary solution. If you bypass the AC the belt is as well long. To settle the worry on short term, we relocated up the alternator and also used it as a tensor.My AC pulley/clutche identifier stock and my serpentinr belt broken on mine G6 V6 3.5l 2006.Got a new belt and :1) unplug battery2) eliminate the waiting filter3) location the belt and bypass the ac clutche, climate the belt is a tiny too long4) there is 3 bolts ~ above the alternator. Eliminate the 2 bolts behind the alternator (keep it for later, but you don"t need it to start the car)5) Untight lightly the critical bolt top top the next of the alternator and also rotate the alternator ~ above this bolt come lift it about 1/2 inch.6) now you have to be 2 person. One is pullling the alternator and also the belt tensor to develop enough room for the belt to pass. The various other one is put the belt and also is tightening the bolt.7) now the belt is it s too dirty wtihout the AC pulley? but the alternator is also high so you won"t have the ability to close your hood properly. That way was able to walk home. Now i have to go to the garage this mainly (with my 2 preventive bolts) and also have mine AC clutch solved , then ns will have the ability to replace the belt and the alternator and close my hood correctly)