Looking for a contraceptive that's practically — and tasty? The an initial chewable birth-control method, a tiny, spearmint-flavored tablet computer that additionally can it is in swallowed without chewing, has hit pharmacy shelves.

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Femcon Fe, the an initial chewable birth-control method, includes the exact same hormones together standard dental contraceptives and offers a new option for women who don't favor swallowing pills. AP
Looking because that a contraceptive that"s convenient — and tasty? The first chewable birth-control method, a tiny, spearmint-flavored tablet computer that likewise can be swallowed there is no chewing, has hit pharmacy shelves.

Femcon Fe, which contains the exact same hormones together standard dental contraceptives, uses a brand-new option for women who don"t prefer swallowing pills and also want come take their birth manage with them, according to Carl Reichel, president of drugmaker Warner Chilcott the Rockaway.

Warner Chilcott, which makes prescription dermatology and women"s health products, officially launched the product Thursday aimed at ladies who occasionally forget to take your pills.

"This isn"t a good leap forward, however I think this is a useful step," stated Dr. Lee Shulman, chairman of the association of Reproductive health Professionals, and also an obstetrician-gynecologist in ~ Northwestern Memorial Hospital and a professor at Northwestern University.

"I think the is a much better approach in the group of ladies who have actually a an extremely high price of unintended pregnancy, i m sorry is younger women," Shulman said.

According to a variety of studies, one-third to practically one-half of women on birth control pills miss one or 2 per month, raising their chances of pregnancy. V perfect use of combination pills, comprise both estrogen and progestin, 0.1 percent the users come to be pregnant each year, contrasted with the 3 percent to 8 percent rate studies have found with common use.

Just as reliable as consistent pills, machine saysFemcon Fe, i beg your pardon the agency says is just as reliable as conventional pills, come in the common 28-day cycle, v 21 days of active pills and seven job of inactive or "reminder" pills. The "Fe" stands for the chemistry symbol because that iron, i m sorry is contained in the fake pills.

A month"s it is provided will offer for $44 wholesale, somewhat higher at pharmacies.

Femcon Fe is merely a chewable version of the company"s Ovcon 35, a birth manage pill that has already been ~ above the market for around three decades. Reichel stated the company initially planned to start offering the chewable contraceptive under the same name and had started to distribution samples to doctors in late September. Yet when the company realized the two versions would certainly confuse patients and pharmacists, that postponed the launch and readjusted the name and also trademark.

The firm said the package is convenient for women who want to bring it in a purse: a credit-card sized dispenser kept inside a velvet pouch, Reichel said. That can be a bit more discreet than the big, "dial packs" in i m sorry birth-control pills usually space sold.

Women should drink 8 ounces of water v the tablet. Like other dental contraceptives, Femcon Fe does no protect versus sexually sent diseases and carries an enhanced risk of blood clots, love attack and also stroke, particularly for female smokers end the age of 35.

Continuous-use pill wait for approvalFemcon Fe arrives amid a flurry of new contraceptive methods in recent years aimed at improving effectiveness through convenience or shortening or eliminating periods altogether. The an initial continuous-use pill, Wyeth"s Lybrel, is awaiting commonwealth approval.

Warner Chilcott, component of drugmaker Warner-Lambert Co. Until it was acquired by Pfizer Inc. A decade ago, is finest known because that its Loestrin birth manage pill, i m sorry shortens durations slightly.

The tablet computers contain 35 micrograms the ethinyl estradiol, the estrogen kind standard in oral contraceptives. That"s the greatest level in the group of low-dose pills, and also that dose could assist women bothered by breakthrough bleeding, claimed Dr. Laurent Delli-Bovi, a Boston gynecologist serving together a payment consultant to Warner Chilcott.

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Femcon Fe additionally contains 40 micrograms that a 2nd hormone, progestin, through a low enough dose the it might reduce progestin-related side impacts such together bloating, depression, irritability and acne, she said.

Shulman noted many share birth manage pills contain 35 micrograms the ethinyl estradiol, but said any type of new technique that help the women take contraception faithfully "is a success for everybody."