I have actually a stack washer dryer combo. The dryer functions on 240V and also the washer works 120V, but they have actually 1 regulate panel. Ns don"t have actually 240V in my new apartment, and also am hoping to have the power cord switched come a 120V. I have read the this process involves:

getting a 3 wire 120 cord-set of at the very least 14 gauge and also a 14 gauge jumper wire.connect neutral to neutral terminal black to black color terminal ground come ground terminal and jumper cable from neutral come red

I have actually no experience with electronics and don`t arrangement on act this myself, I had an electrician come look at it because that me but he has never excellent it before, my concern is:

Does this look correct, can he or (most likely an additional electrician) perform this? I recognize it won"t it is in code, I just need to know if it"s possible.

dryer 240v
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obtain a gas dryer and also be v with it currently and vent it in the correct manner prior to you finish up asphyxiating you yourself or you neighbors..
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Switching out the cord is easy, but that does no make that a 110V dryer. It"s probably not feasible to transform to 110V, return you"d have actually to discover a user manual or call the manufacturer come confirm. And even if friend could, it would more than likely draw much more power than a standard residential 110V outlet might supply.

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The only method to execute this is to operation a 220V outlet for the dryer. Do you rent or own this apartment? What nation are you in? most US organization is 220V, also if every one of the outlets are 110V.

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Some dryers do have actually the capability to run on one of two people 110v or 220v. Be affected by each other in mind that 110v offers it approximately the very same power as a hair dryer, so even if this to be possible, i wouldn"t recommend it, together it can take 2 hrs for the apparel to dry.

Assuming the your apartment has actually 220v company at the panel, if girlfriend can discover two outlets on opposite foot (i.e. 180 degrees out the phase) over there is a commercial product the will provide you a 220v outlet, which you could plug your dryer into. YMMV.

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This is a fairly facility hack. The dryer needs to occupational on 1/4 the easily accessible power. It to be designed because that a 240x30 = 7200W supply, and you need it to operation on 120x15=1800W supply. So you"re questioning a lot.

You will require to get the schematics and also reverse-engineer the washer-dryer. Opportunities are the "washer" component is easy, as they most likely use a commercial-off-the-shelf style made to operation on 120V.

For the dryer, you"ll need to closely go v each internal circuit and also figure out how to make it expropriate 120V. The heating element is the easiest; simply affix the endpoints come 120V rather of 240V. This will typical the aspect will see half the voltage, and (thanks to Ohm"s Law) 1/4 the power.

If you have actually a tiny load the insists on being 240V, climate you need to use some electronic skill to address that.

You will additionally need come make sure all the loads together don"t exceed the circuit volume (15A if you are attaching to a usual household outlet with 14AWG wire). Watch the end that the dryer motor + heater don"t exceed that. Girlfriend might be able to stay under circuit capacity with an interlock to prevent washer and also dryer from to run simultaneously.