Can i delete a question I posted on Chegg?

Can you delete or remove my question? The only time we eliminate a concern is if there’s contents that violates our terms of Use and also Honor Code. If girlfriend think your question violates one of two people of this policies, please visit and also fill out the form to request her question(s) be removed.

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How need to you answer a concern from the audience if you carry out not actually understand the answer?

This have the right to be damaged down into a few main parts.

Acknowledge the inquiry positively.Explain that you don’t know the answer in a clear and also concise manner.Tell them girlfriend will discover out because that them.Clarify just how you will get ago to them.Give castle a definite date/time.

How do you delete a student answer on Google classroom?

You have the right to only delete your own posts.

Go come the class.On the post, click an ext Delete.Click Delete to confirm.

Is JustAnswer a for sure website?

If you’re wondering even if it is or not the experts are trustworthy, the price is that they need to be. According to JustAnswer, “Experts must have actually recognized credentials in your fields, such as a expert license or year of experience working in a specific specialty.”

What carry out you say when you can’t prize a presentation question?

Framework for responding to questions

Listen to the whole question. You don’t have to answer a concern immediately. Understand the context. If you space worried that you haven’t taken a question, asking them come clarify what castle mean. Indicate the whole audience. Answer concisely. Enable follow-up concerns via email.

Where should you watch while presenting?

Spend a few seconds looking at the civilization on the right, and then in the middle, and then relocate to the left side of the audience. You want to do eye call at some suggest with everyone in the audience. This renders each person feel like critical part the the presentation and helps make the presentation much more personal.

Can teachers see if girlfriend delete a comment on Google classroom?

If friend delete a exclusive comment, her teacher have the right to still check out it. Walk to and click sign In. Sign in v your Google Account. For example, you

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Should friend delete assignments in Google Classroom?

If an assignment is no much longer needed, merely delete it. Deleting one assignment clears it, in addition to any connected grades or comments, indigenous Classroom. However, any kind of files or attachments developed in Google Drive will certainly still remain. You’ll need to manually delete those in journey if girlfriend don’t want to maintain copies.


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