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Last update on July 24, 2021

If you’re suddenly experiencing inexplicable cravings for spicy, warm food throughout pregnancy, you’re not alone. Spicy food is just one of the most craved points in pregnancy, i beg your pardon leads females to wonder if it’s truly safe or not. Will it injury the baby? uncover out here.

Can girlfriend Eat Spicy Food when Pregnant? Spicy, ‘hot’ food is safe to eat if you’re pregnant. Spicy food won’t reason premature labor, legacy or any other myths you might have heard. The only thing the may reason is indigestion, specifically in the 3rd trimester.

As a chili head myself, ns was really interested to read all the weird myths and craving explanations surrounding spicy food – you might recognize several of them extended here, consisting of questions you might have wondered around what spicy food go to your baby.

Covered in this Article:

Spicy Food and Pregnancy Myths

Why execute I Crave Spicy Food throughout Pregnancy?

It’s really usual to crave spicy food throughout pregnancy (source: science Direct). The exact scientific reason as to why this is hasn’t been established, yet some unproven theories have actually been put forward.

The most likely explanation for spicy food cravings is that hormonal changes reason your senses the taste and also smell come alter, and your food preferences and also aversions adjust in turn.

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Cravings don’t it seems to be ~ to have a straight cause, however aversions are connected to what may have made you feel nauseous earlier in your pregnant (source: Appetite Journal).

Another concept is the pregnant females are often hot, and also spicy food stimulates sweat to cool down. More theories likewise suggested that cravings are as result of nutritional deficits, or room purely from social influences. Numerous of these to be looked in ~ in a 2014 study and also no one conclusion could be drawn (source: Frontiers in Psychology).

The bottom heat is – nobody knows precisely why females crave spicy food. If you have such cravings, they’re perfect normal. The doesn’t have any kind of particular definition that should affect your or her baby and also is not a symptom of something dangerous or sinister.


Spicy Food and also Pregnancy Myths

There have actually been rather a few bizarre myths law the rounds around pregnancy and spicy food. Right here are few of the most typical ones you may have actually wondered about:

Does craving Spicy Food suspect Baby’s Gender?

It’s a many fun to try and guess, but unfortunately, cravings aren’t a trusted indicator that the gender of your baby.

This myth started doing the rounds in 2008 when about 2,200 females were surveyed ~ above a now-defunct nursing website about what lock craved throughout pregnancy, and also what the sex the their baby was.

The survey results confirmed that females who had actually boys craved spicy food more often, and also chocolate was the most well-known craving because that those having girls. This to be picked up by a tabloid file in the UK (1), who misleadingly declared ‘if you crave spicy food, you’re probably having actually a boy’.

Since this was simply a survey v no clinical basis or measurements, no actual conclusion deserve to be attracted from it until better studies room done in the future. We’ll certainly include them right here when they are!

Will Spicy Food injury My Baby as soon as I’m Pregnant?

Many women concern that spicy or hot food is harmful to their baby in some way. After ~ all, the burns, right?

The great news is the spicy food isn’t harmful to her baby in any way (source: WebMD) and it’s no ‘dangerous’ to eat spicy food when you’re pregnant. It may, however, cause heartburn or uncomfortable (covered later on in this article).

Does Spicy Food Induce job or reason A Miscarriage?

There is no scientific proof to imply that spicy food induces job or causes miscarriages. research study at Ohio State college for the journal ‘Birth‘, found that women often turn to ‘folklore’ such together eating spicy food in order come induce labor.

Over 20% of females surveyed because that the study reported the they had actually tried eating spicy food to induce labor, making this rather a popular (but unproven) myth. The research concluded that these ‘folklore’ form attempts by females largely had no effect and that labor is “something the moms have no control over” (source: ScienceDaily).

In various other words, it’s far better to allow nature take its course, but if you desire to eat spicy food in the meantime, girlfriend can!


Does Spicy Food make The infant Kick or move More?

Many mothers report the babies it seems ~ to absent or move an ext after eating spicy food, though countless of these reports space anecdotal and also haven’t been scientifically measured.

What IS recognized is that babies will regularly respond when you’ve consumed food – complete stop, no matter what kind of food the is. A 2014 research reported by Biomed central surveyed several women about their baby’s task after eating, and also 74% of ladies reported increased activity (Source: BMC).

This is most likely to be since when you eat, her blood street level rises (source: Stanford Medicine). Although plenty of spicy foods items aren’t thought of as being particularly high in sugar, several of them (like curries, especially Korma) have the right to contain several cream and sweetened coconut.

Different spicy foods and also their pregnancy-safety are covered later in this article.

Does Spicy Food cause an upset Stomach, Diarrhea or Indigestion in Pregnancy?

Spicy food is much more likely to cause heartburn and also discomfort, especially in the second and third trimesters (source: Indian newspaper of Gastroenterology).

The journal’s study found that acid reflux is more common the more along you room in pregnancy.

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This is due to the fact that of reduced pressure on your esophagus, and added pressure on her abdomen native the baby’s expansion in her uterus.

If you’re wondering: can ns eat spicy food in all trimesters? you can, but it’s more likely to cause heartburn the additional along friend are. Relying on what stage your pregnancy is at, you may want to eat milder food, if only to avoid too much heartburn or discomfort.

Spicy food can reason diarrhea in every people, not simply pregnant women. Capsaicin, the link in chilies that renders them ‘hot’ is irritating come the stomach and digestive mechanism (source: PubMed). It frequently reasons diarrhea, particularly in world who aren’t supplied to it.

If you uncover that spicy food provides you diarrhea, try to cut down or choose milder ‘heat’ options. The main problem with diarrhea in pregnant is dehydration, so increase your input of fluids if you have the right to (source: APA).

If you’re not generally a chili-head, and also you’re yearn something very spicy, shot to eat milder food first and work your way up. This builds up a yongin to capsaicin.