Video: CLick the first video:…Lyrics:Aahhh, store running! AAAAAAAAAAA, good one!I store running, i keep.Eeeeeyyyyyy, mom needs seeds, honey.Eeeeverybody, AAAWAAAAWAAOOOYeeaah, I desire to obtain a tatoo, I desire you to be my body or rash five yeah, watch it.Yeaaah, I want you come sleep inside me. Aaah, have to sleep.Everybody, eeeverybody I want to sleep through eggplaaaaant.I desire to obtain ta tatoo, I want you to be my human body Aiko.Oh, washing.Yeaah, I desire you to be inside me now, have to sleep.eeevereybody everybody ns wanna girlfriend inside, should sleep again.Eeeee I desire to gain a tatoo, I desire you to it is in my human body or rashoh, watch it.yeaah, I want you inside me. Naaa, must sleep.Everybody everybody, chaos up. Not resting now.Everynight. Ooooaaaah Everynight, oowaaoh Everynight haloowoEverynightOooh I desire some pillow tenderness aah rub, yesss yeah.I don"t even, ahh zeh monster ahEeee I want you ta touch me, I acquire to beee mine bodyAaah, no school. AchuEeee, I want you within me. Need to sleep, me poison.Vania inside. Nash not sleepy nay.Yeeaaaah, obtain off mine leavbinoxehyeeaah, tues night is wacthing me ism yeah eeYour mother is shoeaHeeyyy Naru ooo currently you in me. Oo night. Splash us sleep, ooh for this reason sleep love you night.ooooo slabbingAhhh wash useeeee i not want to be a slap stickI want you to are afraid my human body AikoAhh slash cold, not you.Hey, I want you sleep inside me. No so sleepy are you.Eeeeee ns wanna inside must sleepy now.Yeaaahhh, rotate off mine binoxy heeey solve itNaaaa, bixan nan slapponaaah, who"s sleeping in me.Naaasumi, aaah this therefore teepee.Aaah, once he loss asleep in me, heee want a slow-moving masuHe"s sweet knight.Tails Plushie: HEY! I finally know what come do- never ever mind. XPMe: HURRY up OR I"LL play THE track AGAIN! D:Tails Plushie: sush, I"m thinking.Me:
Tails DOLL (ZOMGWTF): Hey, I"ll take his place.Me: walk ahead, He"s not doing anything.Tails Doll steals the Tails Plushie"s soul.Me: HEY! i just provided him that!Tails Doll: girlfriend wanna beat OR NOT?!Me: okay okay!*Tails Doll to win me 10 times and gives up and leaves, forgetting that he was spouse to steal my spirit too*Me: I simply noticed i really suck in ~ this game... HEY WAIT... Wasn"t that man spouse to take it my soul?!END

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Devious newspaper Entry

May 20, 2013
GUYS i MOVED there IF you STILL wish TO monitor ME
I don"t really post art right here anymore, therefore if girlfriend wanna see my art, examine my tumblr every therefore often, k?here"s mine tumblr

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It would certainly be nice come know exactly how to motivation.Haha I"m reasoning of just making a new account because I have too many people that ns watch ~ above here and it"s getting messy....Anyway, what sort of surname is Stupid-Kat? I mean seriouslyyy.But climate again I can just stick to tumblr and also stop using DA....but what do