Velveeta cheese is a handle cheese product with a soft, smooth texture. It have the right to be enjoyed as is, melted to do cheese sauce or dips, or as an ingredient in sandwiches and finger foods. Can you freeze Velveeta cheese? Technically, you deserve to freeze any type of food, consisting of cheese. However, Kraft, the maker of Velveeta, does not recommend freeze this product in ~ all.

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As checked out on Kraft’s main Facebook page, the firm explicitly warns about the transforms that might happen if Velveeta has been frozen:

“We perform not recommend the you frozen VELVEETA Pasteurized process Cheese Product. Freeze VELVEETA Pasteurized procedure Cheese Product may cause changes in the texture of the cheese. Crystals may type within the product, which might make it grainy, or its structure to come to be mushy. Freezing have the right to also break down the ingredients provided to do the cheese. This may cause water to type on the surface ar of the product. Freeze can likewise negatively influence the flavor.”

How to frozen Velveeta Cheese?

If say, you are still cursed to freezing Velveeta nevertheless of these changes, that surprisingly straightforward to prepare the product because that freezing:

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Velveeta cheese is sold in blocks packed in cardboard boxes. Nevertheless if she freezing opened or unopened boxes of Velveeta cheese, you have to transfer the product come a freezer-safe container. The initial packaging is not freezer-safe at all.

To prep the cheese, take the product out of its initial packaging. You have the right to either frozen the cheese as a block or cut a block right into cubes for this reason you deserve to divide it right into serving portions. Cover the cheese through cling wrap, making certain there space no exposed spots.

Place the sheathe cheese right into a freezer-safe resealable plastic bag then squeeze the end the overabundance air. Seal, compose the storage date then rod in the freezer. We very suggest placing the cheese at the back of the freezer. The cheese has to be maintained at a secure temperature to reduce texture changes.

If girlfriend defrosted the frozen Velveeta cheese, there have to not be any leftovers. Never refreeze thawed Velveeta cheese. Frozen Velveeta cheese have to only be provided in cooking due to the fact that of the structure changes.

Shelf Life, Thawing and also Reheating Suggestions

Frozen Velveeta cheese will keep for at least 3 months. But we recommend consuming the cheese as shortly as possible to minimize the structure or flavor changes. To thaw the frozen Velveeta cheese, just transfer the product in the fridge. Leave the product to defrost overnight.

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Ideally, you must thaw the frozen cheese slowly. However if you space in a hurry, you have the right to use her microwave come defrost and also reheat the frozen cheese. Just remove the wrapper and also cut the cheese right into cubes. Location the cubed cheese in a microwave-safe container climate nuke on high in 2 minutes intervals until the cheese is melted completely.

You can additionally thaw and melt the cheese in ~ the exact same time by adding Velveeta straight to the dish being cooked. Just whip up a dish as you usually would. Reduced the cheese into cubes then add the cheese slowly when the cooking recipes calls because that it.

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Can you frozen Velveeta cheese? As lengthy as you room reserving the cheese for cooking, freeze helps extend the shelf life the the cheese. You have the right to use the frozen Velveeta cheese because that making dips, classic mac and cheese, and also cheese casseroles without worrying about flavor changes.