Floridians freshly passed a constitutional amendment enabling for the medical use of marijuana. In order to be authorized for the usage of medical marijuana, one’s qualified doctor must have actually recommended the a patience be approved for clinical marijuana use.

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This referral is made to the Florida room of Health, and this department is tasked through accepting the recommendation and approving a person for clinical marijuana use. The human is then sent out a clinical marijuana card, such that he or she has proof that he or she is authorized for clinical marijuana usage in the State the Florida.

If you have actually been approved by the Florida room of wellness for medical marijuana use, climate it is not a violation of your Florida state probation come consume medical marijuana.

Note, that is no true for those on commonwealth probation (even if the federal probation is developing in Florida) as marijuana remains illegal at the commonwealth level. Also, there room still some limitations with respect come the consumption of marijuana, also if you are approved medically. Special, Florida state 381.986 governing the use of medical marijuana prohibits the possession or use of marijuana that was not obtained from a medical marijuana treatment center. The statute also (at this time) prohibits the smoking cigarettes of the tree flower/leaf. Thus, unless and until the Florida legislature changes this prohibition, it would certainly be a violation the probation to smoke or it is in in possession of the marijuana plant flower/leaf. The statute also prohibits the use of medical marijuana top top public transportation or in any public place, other than for low THC cannabis.

In summary, if you room a clinical marijuana patient that is on probation in the state that Florida, that is no a violation of her state probation to consume clinical marijuana. However, prefer all prescriptions, the is essential that you educate your probation officer the you are undoubtedly prescribed marijuana such that your probation officer is aware that the presence of THC in your system is not a violation the probation.

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Please note that this info is just applicable to those that are on state probation in Florida and have a medical marijuana card issued through the Florida room of Health. Note also that marijuana stays an illegal schedule one substance under commonwealth law.