Washing makers are frequently transported upright, however due to certain circumstances, there may be no other an option but come lay her washing maker on that side throughout transport. We’ve been seeing a the majority of questions about this and also whether it will produce problems for your washer later on.As lot as possible, friend should always place your washing machine in an upright position during transport even if the is brand brand-new and still has actually the protective cushioning inside. This is because the inner and also outer tubs inside room ‘floating’ – only being supported by cushioning pads and a suspension system. A severe bump have the right to easily damage these parts when your washer is laying top top its side.In this article, we will comment on what happens as soon as you lay her washing device on that side, and also what to carry out before transforming it on.

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The potential issuesHow to safely move your washing machineRe-attach the shipping boltsPut the in a boxConclusion

The potential issues

As we’ve defined before, totally automatic washing machines have two tubs: the inner tub and the outer tub. The outer drum is the main container that the water; this is fixed in that is position and does not move. Meanwhile, the inner north is where you placed your clothing in; this north rotates during a wash cycle or throughout spin drying.

When placed sideways, these two tubs bump versus each other and cause damage and also misalignment. Moreover, placing your washing maker on its side deserve to wreck the suspension device that is keeping these tubs upright and also ‘floating’.Even if the unit you space transporting is brand new and still in that box with all its security cushioning, we still carry out not recommend positioning it top top its side as the suspension system can still be vulnerable.

How come safely transport your washing machine

To stop damages from occurring, you should follow these best practices when moving a washing maker to another place.

Re-attach the shipping bolts

The shipping bolts stabilizes a front pack washing machine’s drums throughout transport. This is to stop the north from banging against each other. This bolts are compelled to be removed from the washing maker before use. However, now that you are going to move your washing machine, you have to re-attach them prior to transporting her unit.

Put it in a box

The best means to deliver a used washing maker is by placing it in its original box follow me with every one of its safety packaging. However, if you threw out package a long time ago, you have the right to improvise by creating a brand-new box because that it. Also, you should put more protective material (like some offered corrugated material or styrofoam) ~ above the corners and also the feet. The is likewise wise to put a level piece that styrofoam plank or top top the side panels of the washer to avoid scratches and also dents.


We recognize that not everyone have the right to fit a entirety washing device at the ago of their car. Yet it is always far better to carry a washing an equipment upright to prevent expensive damages from happening. If you can, girlfriend should call a courier firm to help you move your washing machine.

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