I don"t very own a TV or monitor, however I"m interested in a Wii U for gamings that have the right to be played with just the controller.

Is it possible to go with all the early console setup, downloading updates, etc, and then connecting to the e-shop come buy software program using the Gamepad together my just display?

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For the initial collection up, you need to have actually a screen to set the console up.

Even if you space done through the set up phase, depending on what form of gamings you beat will determine if you deserve to play that with simply the pad or if it calls for a monitor.

Games through the off TV pat is the function that you room looking for.

List of turn off TV playhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Off-TV_Play

I introduce purchasing a tv monitor or a computer system monitor if you plan on to buy a WiiU console.


Apparently, for part games, this is possible. It"s called "Off-TV Play", and the wikipedia article about the feature likewise includes a handy perform of the gamings that room compatible through this feature.

Keep in mind, however, that you will not have the ability to play every WiiU gamings this way. Girlfriend will additionally need some sort of display screen in bespeak to set up the WiiU initially.


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