I certainly wondered need to I operation my swimming pool pump all the time when I an initial had a pool and, if not, exactly how long must a swimming pool pump run. I knew that was essential that the water in the swimming pool was preserved clean yet was unsure whether a swimming pool pump have to run 24/7 or not.

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There is no should run a swimming pool pump repetitively for 24 hrs a day, v a few exceptions. That is typically recommended the your swimming pool pump need to run long sufficient to pump the whole volume that water in a pool each day. In practice, this generally method around 8 hour each day.

If friend ran the pump repetitively it would mainly be a waste of electrical power (and provide a big electricity bill) and also it would also wear the end your pool pump far earlier than necessary.

Having said that, if money isn’t an worry to you, then by all method run the pool pump because that twenty 4 hours a day. Your swimming pool will absolutely stay cleaner if the water is constantly gift filtered.

The straightforward answer

If girlfriend don’t desire to perform the math below then run your pump because that 8 hours a day and also you should have no problems!


The size of time you should run a pool pump in winter rather depends ~ above the climate where you live. The is different if you live in a cold climate or a warmer one.

If friend live somewhere that can reach short temperatures and the water can freeze, then throughout those cold durations you really must either winterize the swimming pool or when the temperature might drop listed below freezing, run the pump come ensure the water in the pool and also the tube does not freeze.

If you have actually a variable rate pump then few of these have actually a winter setup which transforms the pump on when the temperature falls to a details level.

Where ns live the minimum winter temperature in ~ night is around 52 degrees Fahrenheit / 11 degrees Centigrade (yes ns know, negative me) therefore I simply leave the pump on one 8 hour timer all the time.

Of course, the over assumes the you perform not nearby your swimming pool for the winter by lowering the water level and also draining the pipework, pump, filter etc. If you do then the pump must not it is in run because there will certainly be no water in the system.

If I usage a swimming pool cover will that influence the time the pump should run?

Yes it will certainly to part extent. As debated above, light is vital factor in the development of algae. For this reason if you have a swimming pool cover on, which are typically a dark blue, then less light shines on the water for this reason algae will be much less likely to grow. Therefore, in concept you might run the swimming pool pump for much less time.

In practice I rarely minimize the time the pump is on when I have my swimming pool cover ~ above (which is mainly in the spring and autumn to assist keep the warm in).

Can girlfriend swim while the pool filter is running?

Yes you can, and also I would even say it is much better to run the pool pump while you room swimming in fact.

If the pump isn’t running then the skimmers will not be operating. You room therefore much more likely to have debris (leaves, insects etc) floating on the surface ar of the swimming pool which you don’t really want once swimming.

Also, civilization swimming bring contaminants into the pool with them together as:

dirt, sand and also dust on your feetdeodorant on your bodiessuntan scent perhapshair

So having actually the pool pump running way the filter will certainly be able to address these as quickly as possible.

I have actually a full article on this – Is it for sure to swim as soon as the pool pump is running?

How long can a swimming pool go there is no a pump?

If your pool pump breaks, so her pool will go without a pump till you can get it fixed, then obviously the water will no longer flow and also be filtered. Therefore from that minute onward the water high quality is likely to deteriorate. If you leave it prefer this because that a long period of time then you may end up v the dreaded eco-friendly pool yet for just a few days it shouldn’t be a problem.

If friend intend swim in that while the pump is broken then i would imply that you check the water quality very first with a test strip or whatever technique you use.

My optimal 3 swimming pool cleaning tools

These are the pool cleaning tools I have discovered the most useful since I have had actually my pool.

Step and also corner vacuum brush

This is a really valuable tool for obtaining into the locations that a typical vacuum head simply cannot reach. Aquatix agree Pool action & edge Vacuum Brush

Leaf rake net

If, favor me, you acquire plenty of pipeline at the bottom that your pool then a great leaf rake/net is a must. The Stargoods pool Skimmer net gets under the leaves easily.

Robotic pool cleaner

These are rather expensive and it was a variety of years prior to I little the bullet and bought one. I have never regretted it. The Dolphin Nautilus CC to add is the many recommended swimming pool cleaning robot on all of the pool forums. That not only cleans the bottom that the pool but also the sides and also the waterline.


This is a “how long is a piece of string?” kind question. It depends on the form and quality of the pump, the amount the is used and how well the system is maintained. However a rough ascendancy of ignorance is that a pump deserve to last for anything indigenous 7 years to upwards of 12 years. I recently replaced my pump and also as much as i can create it was at least 12 years old.

It is absolutely safe and, in fact, fully normal to operation a pool pump when a solar cover is quiet on. The water will circulate as normal and also be filtered while still retaining heat.

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How much electrical energy your swimming pool pump provides depends on just how energy reliable the pump is, exactly how much water her pump have the right to handle per hour and how huge your swimming pool is.