Shroud is a deprecated static keyword capability in Magic: The Gathering. If a long-term or player has shroud, they can’t it is in targeted with spells or abilities. This write-up delves into how shroud functions in MTG, perform the ideal shroud cards, offers shroud deck ideas, strategies to play versus shroud, and also answers usual shroud questions.

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Calcite Snapper MTG shroud card illustration. Image: Wizards the the Coast. Artist: David Palumbo.

MTG Shroud rules

What does the MTG reminder message say around shroud?

This long-term or player can’t be the target of spells or abilities.

See Magic: The collection ComprehensiveRules, 702.18.“Shroud” for an ext information.

If something has actually shroud, nobody can actors a order or activate an capacity that targets it. However, this does not make shroud immune to all spells or abilities. Shroud creatures also attack and also block together normal.

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Although the shroud mechanic was introduced in Legends, shroud was just made a keyword mechanic in Future Sight. Those older cards the couldn’t it is in targeted have actually now got errata to have actually shroud.

Originally, shroud to be an evergreen ability. However, it was made useless in Magic 2012 due to the arrival of hexproof. Since then, very couple of shroud cards have actually been printed, nobody of which have actually been Standard-legal.

Shroud to be a primary ability in green and also blue. It to be a secondary ability in white. Green and blue shroud cards might be any kind of type, while white only offered shroud to defend the player or countless permanents in ~ once.

MTG Shroud Examples

MTG cards Scythe Tiger, Kird Ape, doom Blade, Davriel, soul Broker, Anjani, Mentor the Heroes and Colossus Hammer. Image: Wizards the the Coast.

Scythe Tiger and also Kird Ape can seem pretty similar at very first glance. After all, they’re one-drop creatures v abnormally high stats that interact with her lands. However, Scythe Tiger is far more survivable. It has actually shroud.

These rules average that my foe can’t target Scythe Tiger for removal. If Kird Ape could die come cards prefer Doom blade or Davriel, soul Broker, Scythe Tiger cannot be targeted by spells or capability whatsoever.

However, this has my very own spells abilities. Because that example, i can’t buff up my Scythe Tiger through Ajani, Mentor of Heroes, or equip it through Colossus Hammer either, since both of those cards target and shroud stop targeting of any kind.

Regardless, Scythe Tiger attacks and also blocks together usual. Shroud doesn’t influence the way combat works. So, if my enemy wants to, they deserve to block and kill it v their Kird Ape. And, if castle equipped your Kird Ape v a Colossus Hammer, that would be an horrible trade for me.

MTG card True Believer. Image: Wizards of the Coast.

I can also give myself shroud with specific cards. For example, True Believer provides me shroud as long as it is on the battlefield. In this case, a spell or capability that reads “target player” can not target me.

Even if I have shroud, though, I have the right to still it is in attacked. Shroud doesn’t stop an enemy from attack me due to the fact that declaring attackers is neither a spell nor an ability. So, the pesky Kird Ape is still an issue.

Shroud vs Hexproof

Hexproof to be the evergreen keyword that replaced shroud. When shroud prevents any targeting, hexproof still lets you target your card through spells or abilities.

MTG cards Crystalline Sliver and Geist of Saint Traft. Image: Wizards of the Coast.

For instance, let’s speak I regulate the shroud biology Crystalline Sliver. If my foe blocks it v a greater power creature, ns can’t save my sliver v combat tricks. Likewise, i can’t equip or enchant it either.

This drawback makes shroud quite dull to play. It deserve to weaken mine creatures, precisely since I can’t target them.

However, this isn’t the very same for hexproof at all. I can equip, enchant, and also otherwise target a hexproof creature prefer Geist the Saint Traft. Doing so is how plenty of Voltron strategies obtain off the ground.

Shroud vs Deathtouch

Because deathtouch does not target, shroud won’t conserve a creature from deathtouch. Instead, the shroud creature will just be dealt damages normally and also be damaged as a result. Remember, dealing combat damages isn’t one ability.

MTG cards Calciderm and Ambush Viper. Image: Wizards that the Coast.

Imagine I assault with Calciderm, a shroud creature. My adversary blocks v Ambush Viper, which has actually deathtouch. Combat damage occurs without targeting, damaging Calciderm. Even though Ambush Viper has less power than its toughness, that does have deathtouch, so any kind of amount of damage is enough to kill.

Best MTG Shroud Cards

Morphling (Shroud Blue Creature)

MTG map Morphling. Image: Wizards that the Coast.

An notorious win condition from Magic’s early days, Morphling is the benchmark because that a functional creature. From flying to firebreathing, Morphling has an capability for it, and it untaps chin to boot.

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MTG card greater Auramancy. Image: Wizards the the Coast.

Sometimes you desire to beat enchantments. If friend do, you’ll desire to put higher Auramancy in the mix and give all your enchantments shroud. Not only that, but Greater Auramancy also extends this security to her enchanted creatures.

This capability is so powerful because it lets you enchant her creatures at least once and get worth out of her auras. Furthermore, two copies of higher Auramancy defend each other, preventing your opponents from ruining either!

Argothian Enchantress (Shroud environment-friendly Creature)

MTG card Argothian Enchantress. Image: Wizards the the Coast.

A cornerstone that its namesake deck, Argothian Enchantress is a deceptively an effective creature. Even though the stats space awful, its ability certainly isn’t. Whenever you actors an charm spell, you draw a card. Argothian Enchantress pays because that itself nearly instantly.

And since Argothian Enchantress has actually shroud, that means it’s significantly more facility to acquire rid of due to the fact that nobody have the right to target it v removal. As long as friend don’t rubbish it attack or blocking, your enemy will battle to remove it, and also it will certainly keep illustration you cards.

Stonewood Invocation (Shroud eco-friendly Instant)

MTG map Stonewood Invocation. Image: Wizards the the Coast.

Stonewood Invocation is a potent combat trick, and here’s why. Not just does it give your biology +5/+5, yet it additionally gives it shroud because that the turn. This protects that from nearly any type of removal and also ensures the it’ll hit residence for massive damage.

This instant additionally has separation second, which more increases that is versatility. As lengthy as it’s on the stack, players can’t actors spells or activate abilities the aren’t mana abilities, which means Stonewood Invocation isn’t acquiring countered either!

Arcane Lighthouse (Shroud Land)

MTG card Arcane Lighthouse. Image: Wizards that the Coast.

However, we don’t desire our enemies playing creatures with shroud either. That’s wherein Arcane Lighthouse come in. This floor taps to remove shroud and hexproof from her opponents’ creatures.

Not only does this soon shut off Voltron strategies, but Arcane Lighthouse likewise interferes with a lot of mass security cards too. Due to the fact that it’s a land, the opportunity price to run it is likewise low. Girlfriend can constantly find a ar for it in the 99, or a heritage sideboard.

Crystalline Sliver (Shroud White/Blue Creature)

MTG map Crystalline Sliver. Image: Wizards the the Coast.

A consistent feature in sliver tribal, Crystalline Sliver gives all slivers shroud. This ability compensates brilliantly for among their only weaknesses otherwise, i beg your pardon is point out removal.

Crystalline Sliver is only two mana together well. It comes down early, that comes down cheap, and it properly locks your opponents out of interacting with any type of of her cards. Also, because sliver buffs don’t target themselves, girlfriend don’t miss out ~ above shroud’s weaknesses either.

MTG Shroud Decks

Shroud is most frequently found in green, blue, and also white. However, because it’s an useless mechanic, you won’t discover cards printed with the ability nowadays.

If you desire shroud cards, it’s a great idea to buy or profession for them individually, rather than purchase old booster packs. although the fairly recent Modern Horizons did have some shroud cards, castle haven’t watched competitive play.

Building a compete “shroud tribal” deck is tough nowadays, together there aren’t any kind of shroud synergy effect cards, and also there will likely never be. Likewise, shroud cards additionally can’t synergize through each other lot either.

Rather, select shroud cards are rather used to improve other strategies. Since they can’t it is in targeted, shroud cards can provide significant bonuses at short risk. Similarly, providing other cards shroud protects them, yet you only should do that once.

Enchantress – legacy Shroud

Arguably the ideal deck to use shroud cards in the whole format, legacy Enchantress is simple but effective. Cards like Enchantress’s Presence and also the shroud biology Argothian Enchantress draw you much more cards whenever you cast enchantments. You turn that worth into more enchantments, and also then you win.

This initial synergy is deceptively strong. It transforms every enchantment spell into a card-draw engine, and also the deck is packed with those. Even seemingly trivial enchantments prefer Utopia Sprawl or Wild Growth properly cantrip.

Of course, those cards comprise the deck’s ramp package. The deck additionally runs duplicates of Serra’s Sanctum for this purpose. Together, these 3 cards let girlfriend outpace nearly any other deck, and that’s without also considering fetchlands.

Of course, you need to survive long enough to draw all those cards! That’s where Solitary Confinement and also Elephant Grass come in. Usually, this cards have debilitating drawbacks, yet Enchantress’s ramp and card draw negate them.

Sigil the the north Throne and also Words that War space both your victory conditions. They permit you turn your enchantments right into an military of angel tokens and a barrage that pinging, respectively.

Certain variants of Enchantress also run much more shroud cards to offer their enchantments added protection. Better Auramancy and Sterling Grove both offer all your enchantments shroud, while the latter can likewise tutor for crucial combo pieces.

How come play versus Shroud

Playing cards the don’t target gets about shroud entirely because you can’t target shroud. Together such, play plank wipes, edict effects, and also prison cards to protect against shroud creatures.

Sometimes, a card won’t have actually shroud inherently. Instead, an additional card, prefer an aura or equipment, is providing them shroud. Where possible, make certain to destroy or counter the source of the shroud, as it typically won’t have actually shroud itself.

You can additionally counter shroud cards. Shroud only applies while top top the battlefield itself, not when on the stack. Counter shroud cards prior to they come to be a threat.

Shroud creatures can likewise die in combat. together such, whenever they strike or block, make sure you deserve to respond and kill them. Utilize your combat tricks for that.

If a player has actually shroud, ruin whatever is offering it to them. If need be, sideboard in extr answers for that card type, such together enchantment hate. If all else fails, you deserve to still attack them even if they have actually shroud.

Against Enchantress strategies, pat mass charm removal or sluggish down their spellcasting and card draw. If your opponent can’t keep illustration cards and also spamming enchantments, shroud i do not care irrelevant.

It’s also feasible to race shroud top top damage. On average, shroud creatures are sluggish while other shroud cards require synergies to be effective. They struggle to outpace an wild deck. If you check out shroud, attack.

Keep in mind the you still should win the as whole game. Shroud is frequently the distraction, not the victory condition. They’re unique cards through a distinctive ability, but your opponent could have various other plans too. Make sure to prioritize.

Shroud FAQs

Does Shroud Stack?

Multiple instances the shroud ~ above the very same creature perform not stack, So, if you provide a map shroud twice, you deserve to still actors it whenever girlfriend could actors an instant. There’s no extr benefit.

Is there Shroud Equipment?

There is shroud equipment, and, in fact, that is substantial powerful. Being able to get roughly shroud’s significant weakness of preventing you from targeting her creatures way that shroud tools continually watch play.

Whispersilk Cloak, Lightning Greaves, and General’s Kabuto space all instances of shroud equipment. If you desire to target her creature, you have the right to detach the equipment, do so, and then connect the equipment afterward again.

Can you Target Your own Creature v Shroud?

You can’t target your own creature if it has actually shroud. Shroud stops a card from gift targeted by all spells or abilities, consisting of your own. You can still give a creature shroud with a target ability, though, however you can’t target it afterward then.

Can you Sacrifice a Creature with Shroud?

You have the right to sacrifice a creature through shroud. picking a biology isn’t the very same as targeting a creature, which method you can pick a shroud creature when you need to sacrifice.

However, you can’t carry out so if you need to target a shroud creature before sacrificing it.

Do board Wipes kill Shroud?

Board wipes can kill shroud creatures. plank wipes don’t target creatures but rather damage or otherwise remove all creatures at when without targeting any kind of of them.

Can friend Mutate through Shroud?

You can’t mutate with shroud. Mutate is a targeted ability, which means that shroud creatures can never it is in the target for it.

Does Shroud remove Auras?

Shroud does not eliminate auras. an aura staying attached come an enchanted creature isn’t a target ability. Some auras, like Diplomatic immune or Clout that the Dominus, actually offer a creature shroud.

However, once you’ve offered a biology shroud, you can’t enchant it any kind of further. Enchanting a creature does show off targeting the creature, which shroud prevents.

Does Shroud defend from Planeswalkers?

Shroud will safeguard a creature from being targeted by a planeswalker’s abilities. However, if a planeswalker can remove shroud creatures there is no targeting, shroud will certainly not safeguard them. Thus, a planeswalker like Liliana of the Veil deserve to kill shroud.

A note: Shroud MTG

In summary, shroud is keyword ability that avoids something from being targeted by any kind of spells or abilities. This ability can be a double-eged knife because, while it protects your cards indigenous removal, it stop you connecting with them together well.

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Shroud is most typical in blue and green, although part white cards have it too. Unfortunately, shroud is considered obsolete and was replaced with hexproof. Nevertheless, some shroud cards execute still check out competitive play, such as in Enchantress builds.

So, shroud isn’t quite finished simply yet. If you don’t like anyone tampering v your cards, include some shroud to her deck today. Your enemy can’t perform a thing about it!