Question: Is it negative for you come smoke marijuana while making use of accutane? I"m not trying to find pot is illegal and bad for you answer. I just want to recognize if pot if on accutane has any added health dangers then if ns was smoking cigarettes without being on accutane? Answer:

There is some dispute surrounding this question. To begin there have actually been studies done ~ above marijuana that show that the use of this have the right to induce nervousness, panics, anxiety, etc. Meanwhile there are studies that show that it actually assists in reducing these symptoms. Come be ethical I carry out not recognize which is the exactly answer here. Pro-cannabis organizations are going to publish these researches that say the it is good for the human body and/or health. Organizations versus the usage of marijuana are going to say it is poor for the body and/or health. Those versus the use of clinical marijuana state that smoking cigarettes marijuana while additionally taking Accutane may boost the likelihood of depression, the atmosphere swings, anxiety, panic assaults etc. Those because that the use of medical marijuana are arguing that cigarette smoking while acquisition Accutane is walking to relax those symptoms.

Bottom line is you have to personally do the choice as to whether you want to integrate the use of these 2 drugs. Ns hope this is helpful.

Meagan, Esthetician

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