When things gain hot and heavy and you’re the end of her favorite lube, girlfriend may finish up searching the home for anything oily to replace it.

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If you uncover yourself grabbing canola oil for some fun, you might want come think again.

Canola oil is traditionally used for cooking, however some use it together a go-to because that a personal, household lubricant.

It’s a vegetable oil extract from the rapeseed tree of the mustard family.


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Cons of making use of Canola Oil as a Lubricant 

It’s hard to Clean-up

Canola oil might not be an extremely thick, but it is sticky. It clings where you use it and remains for a long time after ~ you’ve finished.

Despite the pleasant wet and slippery emotion it will give you downstairs, the is not water-soluble, making acquiring rid that this oil a bit tricky.

You will need soap and water to totally wash this oil off, i beg your pardon is a very important measure up to take in order to avoid skin irritation.

It can Lead to bacter Infection

If you shot canola oil to reduce vaginal dryness, the is crucial to clean fine after use.

You can conveniently put you yourself at hazard for epidemic if any type of oil remains inside her vagina, resulting in bacteria to flourish and lead to inflammation.

It Destroys Latex

If girlfriend are amongst those who usage latex condoms, that is ideal to continue to be away from canola oil as a an individual lube.

Many space under the misconception that making use of canola oil v a condom will administer an extra class of protection.

Unfortunately, this mix actually dramatically reduces your protection.

Canola oil often tends to ruin the integrity of the condom, presenting the risk of unplanned pregnant or STD transmission.

While you can use oils with non-latex condoms such as Lifestyles Skyn Latex Free, canola oil is not worth every one of the drawbacks.

It’s Not very Slippery

Even though canola oil is reasonably inexpensive, this might be at a expense to her pleasure.

The viscosity of canola oil provides for somewhat of a sticky feeling.

In fact, when supplied for anal, the gooey consistency the canola oil may leave you through discomfort or pain.

We all know that a slick and also slippery lubricant is vital for anal play.

If girlfriend can’t wait to offer it to your companion from behind, you might want come steer away from canola oil as lube.

It damages Your Sheets and Lingerie

There many lubricants the end there that room not just perfectly slippery, but additionally colorless and odorless to increase your pleasure and also ease the cleaning.

This is no the case with canola oil.

As it is oil based, it create messy stains on your sheets and lingerie, especially when the mixes v vaginal fluid and also semen.

Alternatives to utilizing Canola Oil

1. Wicked Anal Jelle Water Based Lubricant: Highly focused to be extra long lasting and never sticky, this super-slick, water-based lubricant stays where you placed it and also provides extra cushion and superior glide.

2. Sliquid Naturals Sassy Water Based Anal Lubricant:A water based and also water soluble anal gel, recipe glycerin complimentary and paraben free.

3. Sensuva Ultra special Hybrid Water/Silicone an individual Lubricant: This premium formula was created to stay in place, it is in ultra comfortable and provide a sturdy glide.


Canola oil is great for her heart and overall health when offered for cooking, but is no a an excellent choice because that a personal lubricant.

Although many people use this oil because they believe it is natural and also sperm-friendly, that is not very slippery and it deserve to even cause bacterial epidemic if not cleaned properly.

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Next time you reach for canola oil once you get in the mood, you might want to steer clear and, instead, shot one of ours alternatives provided above.