Because paper bedding is so often used for guinea pigs, it makes sense to wonder if newspaper might work, too. After all, what is the difference? We are often asked Can I use newspaper for guinea pig bedding?

Can I use newspaper for guinea pig bedding? The simple answer is no. Newspaper contains high levels of ink which when wet can release into the cage and get on their skin causing health issues. Guinea pigs also chew and eat bedding and swallowing ink is not good for your guinea pig.

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Newspaper is printed with tons of ink. This makes it unsuitable for guinea pigs, as ink is toxic to the little guys.

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The most highly recommended wood bedding option is aspen wood, because it has no harmful aromas or toxins, and it is also largely dust-free.

Of course, the aspen bedding for your guinea pig must be of reasonable quality. It is strongly advised to never obtain aspen wood shavings from a lumberyard instead of a pet store. These wood shavings have not been sanitized for bugs, mites or other unpleasantness. Clearly these are not things you will want to be introducing your guinea pig to.

Instead, purchase some aspen wood bedding at a pet store or online. There, all you may need to avoid is the very cheapest choice, as it is generally of poor quality. Most aspen wood bedding at pet stores or online will be both affordable and of good quality.

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The biggest shortcoming of aspen wood bedding is that it is not as absorbent as some. This means it will need to be changed out a bit more often.