Strolling the Williamsburg Bridge Walk is one of my favorite NYC experiences, especially with so much to do along the way — which you’ll see in my included Brooklyn itinerary.

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You’ll also learn about some of my favorite Lower East Side experiences.

A quick overview:

This NYC walk goes from theLower East Side (Manhattan) to Williamsburg (Brooklyn) via the Williamsburg Bridge.

No subway or car is required, allowing you to really feel the beat of the city.

Pro tip:

This walk is incredible in any season, though if visiting in chillier months make sure you know what to wear in NYC in winterto stay warm while looking stylish.

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Now, while I do take plenty of guests across the Brooklyn Bridge on my private NYC photo tours, I’m partial to the Williamsburg Bridge as it’s less crowded and more edgy with lots of graffiti and steel.

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Honestly, it’s one of the best walks in NYC and a great way to spend a day.

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