How to Play Blu-ray on Wii-U and also Wii

Play Blu-ray movies is no natively supported by both Wii and Wii-U, yet we can do it by convert the movie to AVI/MOV format.

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Days earlier we article a guide around how to play DVD top top Wii, many civilization have already managed to play your DVD movie on the Nintendo Wii v the help of the guide. However, we also received countless feedbacks questioning if it is also possible to play the Blu-ray movie on Wii or its follower Wii-U.

We recognize that there space two aspects which decide if a blu-ray movie disc have the right to be played: the hardware (blu-ray drive) and also software (app come play blu-ray disc). Let"s inspect these two determinants of Wii and also Wii-U at first.

Wii equips a DVD drive, the preset app "Photo Channel" have the right to play AVI/MOV video with MJPEG format.Wii-U equips a amendment Blu-ray drive, there is a "hidden function" come stream MP4 video from computer to Wii-U..

Play Blu-ray on Wii

The technique to play Blu-ray on Wii is specifically same together play DVD ~ above Wii, so please follow the Play DVD ~ above Wii by take it the video clip off component in one more post.

And pay fist to the converted paper size. If the video clip is convert from Blu-ray disc, the paper is constantly pretty large. Yet the Wii has actually a bad support because that a video clip larger 보다 2 GB. Therefore, when you rip & convert a Blu-ray movie come AVI/MOV video, please lower down the top quality to regulate the record size.

Play Blu-ray movie on Wii-U

This is gonna be the component in details together it is entirely different with playing DVD movies. Through the Wii-U, we cannot conserve a video file in the SD card then play the on the device, instead, we must stream the video paper to Wii-U and play it.

Install Blu-ray Ripper software

By reading the parapraphs above, we can have a clean goal: Rip the movie indigenous Blu-ray disc and also convert it to MP4 format. Every these jobs can be tackled with just one program: Blu-ray Ripper. Click the buttons below you can gain the recent installation build, both PC and Mac individuals can shot it because that free.


Rip the movie and also convert come MP4

Insert a Blu-ray movie disc right into your computer and also launch the Blu-ray Ripper software, friend will check out all the chapters consisted of in the disc are presented in the software. Friend can choose the chapters i m sorry you desire to rip and also convert.


After the chapters room chosen, then collection the output video clip format. Click the pop-out food selection besides "Profile" and choose "MP4-MPEG-4 Video(*.mp4)", i beg your pardon is the only accepted video clip format through Wii-U.


The last step is clicking the ring blue switch in the reduced right corner to start the process, the software application will rip and convert the video clip simultaneously.

Stream the convert MP4 video clip from computer to Wii-U

This is the most important part and it would certainly be a tiny geeky, some actions would be daunting to express with texts, so i searched a video clip for you.

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The theory is no complex, you should turn your computer system to a regional server, and also use her Wii-U"s web browser to present the video from her computer. However, it still can be a challenge for world not that acquainted with computer skills. Therefore, ns searched part other guide posts about how come stream MP4 to Wii-U for you, hope these deserve to be helpful.