Full perform of Automotive brands That begin With the Letter "R"

Finda automobile brandalphabetically.Use ours A-Zcarfinder come browse various manufacturers and also discovercarsthat right your particular needs. On this page we have concentrated on car manufacturers and also brands that begin with "R". We think it is the most finish of an international car brand that begin with the letter "R" however if we are missing any, let us know. If you want to skip right to the group page because that a certain brand starting with R then just click below links.

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We go crazy and also organized the world"s car information. Here are some various other pieces concentrated on auto brands and also automotive logos from around the world.



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Car brands That begin With the Letter R

Racing Dynamics

Racing Dynamics is one American tuner and manufacturer of power parts and styling equipment for BMW, MINI, and Porsche automobiles. Over the years, the company has unable to do on to create a number of tuning packages for BMW, MINI, and Porsche car such together the racing Dynamics Z8 R50S.


Harold Radford (Coachbuilders) limited was a bespoke coachbuilding firm established in the late 1940s. The coachbuilding agency began together a manufacturer of auto bodies for Bentley which space designed to suit the rural way of living of landed gentries at the time. The company, however, discovered tremendous success ~ they created the Radford Mini De Ville native 1963 come 1965.


Radical Sportscars is a british manufacturer and also constructor of racing cars. Radical develop a mix of purpose built race cars which can also be converted into road legal sports cars in certain countries in differing specifications. Your most renowned race vehicle was the Radical SR3 i m sorry was offered to contend in international racing events and their most popular line of roadway legal sporting activities cars is the RXC i m sorry is legitimate in most countries. The first RXC was unveiled in ~ the 2013 Autosport worldwide auto show and also since then it has been available in miscellaneous configurations.


Ram trucks or RAM, is one American brand of irradiate to mid-weight commercial vehicles owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It to be spin off from Dodge’s heat of pickups, evade Ram, i m sorry are currently sold under the ram banner. Today, the brand is focused on transferring trucks to actual truck customers quite than casual van buyers that buy van for picture or style.


Ranz is one automotive marque own by Sichuan FAW Toyota Motor. That was introduced in 2013 and focuses ~ above designing and also developing cheap electrical cars. The company unveiled their an initial concept auto which they called Ranz EV, an all-electric sedan based upon Toyota Corolla.

RE Amemiya

RE Amemiya is one automotive tuning company from Tomisato, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It was started by Isami Amemiya in 1974. The agency has make a surname for itself as among the premier tuners of rotary engines in the motorsports industry.


Reiter engineering is a German gyeongju team established in 1994. It specializes in structure GT3 gyeongju cars based on Lamborghini dare which they supplied for gyeongju or market them to various other teams for miscellaneous uses. The agency started through the Diablo GT which was an attempt by Reiter to carry Lamborghini’s motorsport existence on the international stage. Because then, the agency has been the main constructor the Lamborghini gyeongju cars and also have built and also sold several various racing variants that Lamborghini models.


With origins that traces from 120 year ago, Renault is just one of the biggest automakers in the people by production volume. The company is currently part of the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance, making it the world’s biggest seller of light vehicles. Renault has developed a an excellent number the vehicles because its beginning in 1899. Their assets include automobiles, principle cars, electric cars, vans, trucks, tractors, tanks, buses, coaches, autorail vehicles, and also aircraft engines. The firm is also heavily invest in the motorsport industry under Renault Sport and also currently backs the Formula Renault, an entry-level formula racing series.

René Bonnet

Automobiles René Bonnet to be a French car maker. The agency produced light front-wheel drive and also mid-engined sporting activities cars with very aerodynamic fiberglass bodies largely powered by magnified Renault engines. Its cars participated in the Le mans 24 hours race in 1962, 1963, and 1964.


Renntech is an American automotive company known for their work-related on performance changes for Mercedes-AMG cars. The company was developed by Hartmut Feyhl in 1989. Over the years, Renntech continues to build high-performance assets for virtually all Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles and an ext recently, the company started offering products for various other marques such as Audi, Porsche, and also Volkswagen vehicles. Next from manufacturing high-performance products, Feyhl and his firm are a prominent Mercedes-Benz specialist. High power Mercedes-Benz cars occurred by the firm was featured in number of automotive magazines.


Revenge draft is one American engineering and also tuning agency based in Indiana, US. Revenge designs was noteworthy for their Revenge Verde Supercar which lock unveiled to the public at the 2010 north American international Auto Show. The firm has plan to build 3,000 Verde yellowcomic.com through each one costing approximately $190,000.


Reynard Motorsport was at one time one that the biggest racing car manufacturers in the world. The firm built effective race cars that were provided to compete in Formula Ford 1600, Formula Ford 2000, Formula Vauxhall Lotus, Formula Three, Formula 3000 and IndyCar. Reynard Motorsport, however, got in bankruptcy in 2002. Now, the firm is trying to revive its previous glory by presenting the 2009 Reynard Inverter i m sorry is the company’s very first road legitimate car.


Rezvani electric motors is one American automotive designer and manufacturer the high-performance yellowcomic.com based in Irvine, California. The agency currently to produce their key product and first model which is the Rezvani Beast, a supercar based on the Ariel Atom. In 2017, the firm also unveiled the Rezvani TANK, severe utility car which to be designed to it is in a military style truck because that the road.


Rickenbacker Motor agency was a US car manufacturer situated in Detroit, Michigan, native 1922 till 1927. The company was established by Eddie Rickenbacker and also produced a variety of sporting coupés, touring cars, sedans, and roadsters such together Rickenbaker at sight Sport and Vertical Eight at sight Fine.


Riley Motor to be a brothers manufacturer that automobiles manufactured by brothers Leyland engine Corporation (BLMC). The marque traces its origins from the Riley Cycle firm which was developed in 1890 together a motorcar and bicycle manufacturer. The firm went top top to develop a number of sports saloons and coupe from the 1920s come the 1930s under a new company surname Riley (Coventry) Limited. By 1952, BLMC gained Riley and started creating cars under the Riley brand surname such as the Riley Two-Point-Six, Riley One-Point-Five, and also Riley 4.


Rimac Automobili is a Croatian car manufacturer that produces electric sports cars, drivetrains, and also battery systems. That was developed by girlfriend Rimac in 2009 and aims to build sports cars because that the 21st century. The firm is famed for your high-performance all-electric sports vehicle like the Rimac concept One which castle unveiled at the 2016 Geneva motor Show. The principle One is the fastest manufacturing electric vehicle in the world. In 2018, the agency unveiled the successor to the ide One i m sorry they called the Rimac C Two.


Established in 1979 by open minded Rinderknecht, Rinspeed is a Swiss automobile manufacturer and also tuning designer. The firm specializes in restoring classic and also vintage cars. They additionally offer tuning and change services because that Porsche and Subaru cars. Rinspeed, however, is an ext renowned for your exotic principle cars and also special vehicles which lock designed and also developed on your own. They frequently introduce these cars at the Geneva Motor and also other international vehicle shows each year.

RK Collection

RK motors is an American vehicle collection and dealership developed by plunder Kauffman. It is also one of the country’s premier restorer, re-seller and also provider the classic, muscle and also high-performance cars. The firm has a substantial list of classic cars, American muscle cars, vintage cars, high-performance cars, exotic cars, gyeongju cars, standard trucks, motorcycles, collector cars, street rods, sporting activities cars, and also imported dare that room for sale. Aside from a vehicle dealership, the company also build concept and also prototype dare such as the 2010 RK repertoire Camry NASCAR Edition.


Richard Lloyd gyeongju or merely RLR was a brother auto gyeongju team the was active from 1977 to 1990. The team was known for your extensive changes on Porsche 956s and also 962Cs to get over some the the weakness of the original Porsche design and also construction. Together a result, all the cars that the team worked on were able come outperform their initial counterparts. All cars were named GTi such together the 1987 RLR 962C GTi and were provided for the use of exotic materials and innovative architecture elements the would later on be adopted by Porsche and also other manufacturers.


Rhys Millen gyeongju or RMR is one American automotive tuning and also parts shop that is famed for editing and enhancing Hyundai cars as well as rally and also drift cars. The agency gained a reputation for their work-related on numerous Hyundai cars which consists of RMR Genesis Coupe, RMR Signature execution Equus, and also RMR Veloster Rallycross.


Roewe is a vehicle marque developed by the Chinese automaker SAIC motor in 2006. SAIC to be unable to acquisition the legal rights to the Rover brand name so they produced the Roewe marque as a replacement. Vehicles produced under the Roewe name were based upon the an innovation acquired by SAIC native the defunct british carmaker. Currently, the brand is one of the largest in China and also exports vehicles under the MG surname to different countries.


Rolls-Royce was a British high-end car and also an aero-engine manufacturer founded in 1904 by Charles Rolls and also Henry Royce. After Charles Rolls and Henry Royce i agree on a cooperation to form the Rolls-Royce, the company has developed a number of successful deluxe cars with the Rolls-Royce 10 hp gift the an initial car created by the company. Soon after that, Rolls-Royce conveniently gained a call for their usage of superior engineering for production the ideal cars in the people at that time. The firm also diversified into developing manufacturing aero-engines during the first World War through tremendous success. In 1987, the Rolls-Royce brand to be only second to Coca Cola as the most popular brand in the world.


Karosserie Friedrich Rometsch or merely Rometsch is a German metallurgical-coachbuilding company based in Berlin-Halensee, manufactured, modified, and repaired coaches, trailers, bodies and chassis. Created in 1924 by Friedrich Rometsch, the agency was notable for their Beeskow and also Lawrance series of dare in the 1950s which were both based on the Volkswagen Beetle.


Ronart cars is a brothers sports car manufacturer and also constructor the unique and bespoke sports racing cars. That was established by Rona and also Arthur Wolstenholme in 1984. The company designs and manufactures sports and racing cars for both roadway legal and also track day use with distinct designs from open up wheel racing cars to contemporary day sporting activities cars. Ronart Cars at this time designs and produces the Ronart W152 and also the Ronart Lightning.


Ronn Motor team (formerly Ronn engine Company) is an American automaker based in Arizona, USA. The agency was developed in 2007 through Ronn Maxwell after comes up with an idea for a high-performance sports car. This resulted in the advancement of the Ronn Scorpion which they unveiled in ~ the height Marques Monaco in 2009.


Roock Autosport is a tuning agency established by Fabian Roock in 2009. The agency specializes in water-cooling Porsche cars such together the Roock RST 530 and Porsche RST 650. The Porsche RST 650 was a custom Porsche 911 which attributes a modification engine that produces 650 hp in ~ 6560 RPM and also 620 lb.-ft that torque at 4960 RPM, make the auto one the the world"s more quickly yellowcomic.com in ~ the time.


Roos design is a Swiss engineering and also tuning firm established by to win Roos in 1975. The company is well-known for its long history with Aston young name cars for which they specialize in. Roos design is well-known for their work-related on the Roos V8 Vantage V600 shoot Brake in 1999, i beg your pardon was thought about to it is in the fastest and strongest estate vehicle of the world at that time.


Rossi Motor firm is one American coachbuilder based in Irvine, California. The agency is noteworthy for the 2010 Rossi SixtySix which is based on the new C6 Corvette. The architecture of the automobile was inspired by theStingrays that the 1960"s.


Rossion Automotive is one American automaker recognized for developing and also producing the Rossion Q1. The Rossion Q1 is a mid-engined sports vehicle based top top the Noble M400. It features a Ford Duratec V6 engine i beg your pardon produces up to 508 bhp and also a full carbon-kevlar body.


Roush power is one American automotive company that concentrates on engineering, developing, and also manufacturing the high-performance components for both street and also competitive gyeongju applications. Roush mainly develops and produces aftermarket performance parts for Ford cars and trucks, largely the Ford Mustang, Ford Focus, and also the Ford F-150 light-duty pickup. The also develops special design vehicles such as Roush Mustang P-51a, Roush Mustang 427R Trak Pak, and Roush G6 Signature Edition i beg your pardon are sold in choose Ford dealerships.


Rover is a brothers automotive marque the existed for over a century, from 1904 come 2005. The first car come bear the marque to be the Rover Eight, a tiny single-cylinder eight-horsepower 1327 cc auto made through Rover company Limited. Due to the fact that then, a great number of cars were created under the Rover name. The Rover brand is known for lasting call for quality and performance such as the soil Rover in 1948 which at some point led come the advancement of variety Rover in the so late 1970s, and became the many successful and lucrative product under the brand name.

Royal Excellence

Royal Excellence is a German tuning company that specialization in Aston young name cars. The company is most notable for the 2004 royal Excellence V12 Vanquish, a extremely engineered and also modified version of the conventional Aston boy name V12 Vanquish.


Rocketsports Racing was an American engine racing team based in Michigan, USA. The team was noteworthy for their GT2 routine which to plan to construct high-performance race cars to be supplied on American Le mans Series. RSR teamed up v Jaguar to develop race cars based on the American Le Mans series which led to the breakthrough of the 2010 RSR XKR GT2.


RTR Vehicles is an American automotive company founded in 2009 by Vaughn Gittin Jr. The firm focuses in designing, developing, and also manufacturing OEM+ performance car packages for Ford’s product line. RTR additionally manufactures power packages for Ford vehicles such together the 2013 RTR Mustang GT Coupe 5.0. The RTR represents “Ready come Rock!”.


Established in 1939 in Pfaffenhausen, Germany as "Auto Ruf" through Alois Ruf, Ruf car has come to be one the the famous German auto manufacturers and car tuners in the world. The firm designs and also develops their own cars out of unmarked Porsche chassis. Ruf dare such as the Ruf CTR (which broke the document for the more quickly production car in the human being with 211 mph height speed) was constructed from the ground increase as completely new cars, utilizing the bare chassis, and assembled using Ruf-made parts and materials. Due to the fact that of this, the agency has been considered as the largest and also most famous to develop Porsche performance enhancements.


Russo-Baltique was among the an initial Russian carriers that developed vehicles and also aircraft in between 1909 and also 1923. Indigenous 1909 to 1923, the agency has produced trucks, buses and also cars, the are based on the vehicles from various other automakers at that time. In 2006, the Russo-Baltique was revitalized by a group of investors who presented a high-end concept vehicle named Russo-Baltique Impression in ~ the 2006 Concours d"Elegance.

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Ruxton to be an auto marque created by new Era Motors firm from 1929 come 1933. The Ruxton automobile was a front-wheel-drive automobile designed by wilhelm Muller. Around 100 Ruxtons were believed to be produced throughout its manufacturing run.