It’s to be over a decade because the last episode of H2O: Just add Water aired. Yet that hardly stops fans from keeping up with the cast and also longing for brand-new episodes. In fact, the Australian show was so incredibly popular the it motivated two spinoff shows: Mako: Island of tricks and H2O: Mermaid Adventures. The renowned show likewise launched the careers of Phoebe Tonkin, Cariba Heine, and Claire Holt. However just exactly how did the three actors soil the duties of Cleo, Rikki, and Emma in H2O: Just include Water?

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Cariba Heine, Phoebe Tonkin, and Claire Holt | Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

For Tonkin and also Holt, your acting experiences to be very minimal before they join the actors of H2O: Just include Water. In fact, in one interview with motivated by Savannah Tonkin revealed the she was pretty new to auditions as soon as she auditioned because that Cleo. Fortunately for the actor, her organic charm and nerves were precisely what her character dubbed for. “I had barely been on any auditions prior to my H20 audition, so i was very giggly and awkward, i beg your pardon turned out perfectly since that’s specifically who Cleo is.”

The ‘H2O: Just add Water’ actors reflects on your auditions

Tonkin additionally admits to stretching the truth about how strong of a swimmer she was. “I likewise told the director, Colin Budds, that i was a good swimmer, which I was much from,” the actor added. “But i jumped straight into training come prepare after i was cast.” While Tonkin wasn’t the the strongest swimmer, Holt take it after she character, Emma, as soon as it involved her aquatic skills. In fact, she credits her swimming an abilities as the sole reason she was cast in H2O: Just add Water.

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“I’d excellent a few TV commercials and also my certified dealer at the time sent me an audition to play a mermaid ~ above a brand-new kids tv show,” Holt composed on she Instagram page as soon as a fan asked her just how she ended up in H2O: Just include Water. “I had actually no idea exactly how to act yet I love to swim and also was good at holding my breath underwater. I’m pretty certain that’s the just reason ns booked the job. I was lucky sufficient to learn every little thing on set.”

Phoebe Tonkin and also Cariba Heine had actually to have considerable swimming lessons

Heine to be a bit more experienced than her H2O: Just add Water castmates. Before booking the duty of Rikki, she’d already acted in a short film. “It was a relatively normal spreading process, we all read for roles then came earlier for callbacks and also then we ultimately went as much as Queensland (where we shot H2o) and also did an ext chemistry reads and also finally swimming tests to view if our Stunt Coordinator, Mitch, would have the ability to train united state up to a level where we might swim through the tails.”

Heine confessed that she, like Tonkin, was no a solid swimmer. But the pair that them functioned hard in order to be where they essential to by the moment they started shooting H2O: Just include Water. “I think the funniest casting story looking earlier would have been Mitch’s reaction come Phoebs and I swimming,” Heine shared. “He claimed he saw united state flailing approximately in the water and also secretly believed ‘there’s no method I’m ever before going to have the ability to get these 2 to swim believably choose mermaids in 8 weeks’. Yet he walk a brilliant task of training us and in the end, we confirmed him.”

Seasons 1-4 that ‘H2O: Just include Water’ are right now streaming top top YouTube

It’s clear the Tonkin, Heine, and also Holt all pulled off the crucial swimming and acting required to make H2O: Just include Water a success. If you’re in need of part Mako magic, every three periods of the present are at this time streaming on YouTube.