Three year older than Holden, Luce was Holden’s college student mentor at the Whooton School. Throughout this time, he often regaled Holden and also other students through stories about sex. Holden still remembers the method Luce supplied to have the ability to identify even if it is or not a person was gay, a skill Holden discovered quite impressive even if he covertly thought the Luce himself could be gay. During one the his lonelier moments in new York, Holden decides to contact Luce even though he no necessarily also like him. In fact, the critical time he experienced him, he dubbed him a “phony” to his face, i m sorry is maybe why Luce is cold and also removed once he at some point agrees to accomplish Holden at a bar late that night—an encounter the ends v Luce calling Holden immature and suggesting the he check out a psychoanalyst.

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The timeline below shows whereby the character Carl Luce appears in The Catcher in the Rye. The fancy dots and also icons suggest which themes are linked with that appearance.



...Jane, or an additional friend named Sally Hayes. He even considers calling a man named Carl Luce, among his classmates in ~ the Whooton School, but he remembers that he doesn’t even...(full context)

...number. Rather of calling any kind of of this people, he decides to reach out to Carl Luce, an older young he knows from the Whooton School. Carl is a very smart person,...(full context)
To pass the time before he’s an alleged to fulfill Carl Luce, Holden goes to the movie at Radio City Music Hall. He is annoyed by the Rockettes...(full context)
Holden waits because that Carl Luce in ~ the Wicker Bar in the Seton Hotel, which he defines as a very fancy...

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(full context)
...that the can’t end up being intimate with a girl unless he actually likes her. In response, Luce claims he have to see a psychoanalyst. Due to the fact that Luce’s father is an analyst, Holden asks what...(full context)
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