Given an creature N representing N sided continual polygon, the job is to find the angle made through the sides on the centre of the polygon the is the central angle.The central angle is the angle developed by the two vertices developing an edge and also the centre.

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Input: N = 6Output: 60Explanation:The polygon is a hexagon through an angle 60 degree.

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Input: N = 5Output: 72Explanation:The polygon is a pentagon v an edge 72 degree.
Approach: The idea is to observe that because there is a continual polygon all the central angles created will be equal.All main angles would add up to 360 levels (a full circle), therefore the measure up of the main angle is 360 split by the variety of sides.Hence, central angle = 360 / N degrees, whereby N is the number of sides.Below is the implementation that the above approach:
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