The story behind the quote: The quote comes from the first and second Rush Hour films. The films revolve around Hong Kong Detective Inspector Lee (played through Jackie Chan) and Los Angeles Police Detective Carter (played by chris Tucker), your partnership and also their adventures around the world solving crimes.

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During the an initial movie, Lee travels to Los Angeles in bespeak to investigate the kidnapping the a Hong Kong diplomat’s daughter. The is greeted by Carter in the airport. Although Lee understands the language, he feigns ignorance once Carter make the efforts to speak to him.

In the sequel, aptly title Rush Hour 2, Carter travels v Lee to Hong Kong to acquire a much needed vacation however their time off is interrupted as soon as the us Consulate General structure is destroyed by a bomb. Lee trust Carter was killed because of misinformation provided to him. Lee and also Carter individually track the culprit to a yatch and also board the vessel separately. The is relieved to see his girlfriend is in reality alive yet has difficulty explaining it come him.

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Geek wisdom: human being have the habit the not obtaining to the suggest or utilizing overly complex words when explaining things. Sometimes, it’s much better to get straight come the point. It’s additionally important to select your words and speak plainly in order to be understood right away.


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