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I have a 2002 town & country Limited, critical night ns parked it and also had no troubles at all, this morning i went the end to start it and there to be nothing. The battery is fully charged every a battery test, every the idiot lights come on together usual once I revolve it over however the starter doesn"t revolve over. Ns turned the headlights top top to view if over there was any draw when I turn the vital and there is for sure no draw so the strength isn"t make it to the starter. I cleaned the articles on the battery, gotten rid of the hopeful terminal come reset the system. Quiet nothing, I rotate the vital and there is no draw at all. This was a very sudden thing, any type of ideas as to what else I deserve to check? very frustrating problem and also I don"t want to be in ~ the certified dealer mercy not to cite I would require to gain it towed. Autumn me a line if you have any kind of suggestions dzukowsk
Could be the neutral safety switch. Shot putting the infection selector in Neutral (N) and also turn the key to start. If the doesn"t work, host the ignition crucial in the start place while relocating the transmission selector through all the gears and see what happens. Note: If her van is equipped through a STARGARD antitheft device, even if it is you have actually a removable crucial or not, this might be the culprit, as well. Permit us know what girlfriend find and also what girlfriend do.
Another thing to try is uncover the starter relay in the fuse panel alongside the battery. Revolve the key and tap on the relay. Still nothing? Swap the relay with another surrounding identical relay. Tho nothing? inspect for strength at the relay through a check light or meter. Need to see continuous 12vdc ~ above one contact and also 12vdc coming and also going on another as you turn the key. This will verify strength to the contact for the relay coil and through the ign switch climate the neutral park switch to the relay switch contacts. Among these have to be missing. If you view both, reverify you have actually a good battery. A load test is the true test. Worst case scenerio? The PCM is not offering the ground come the relay coil.
Being that is the minimal it has actually the anti-theft device, exactly how do ns reset that to watch if the is the culprit? Thinking back the just thing ns did different that I"ve never done prior to is together follows, before I went residence I ran right into the gocery store and left my vehicle running, i locked the doors with mt far while it was running. Currently I an alert when I try to start the automobile the "red dot" ~ above the dash because that the anti-thft continues to be lit constantly while the vital is in the top top position, I"m not certain it did the before, I assumed it blinked and also went off. Could the anti-theft it is in my problem? Is over there a method to reset it?
I don"t recognize that the security system is StarGuard, mine van has actually the chip in the ignition key and the van came equipt through a security mechanism from the factory. Ns tried different keys but no luck. Added info, the battery experiment fine under load, I simply plugged it right into the computer system to check it, no problems, no codes. I tried unlocking the doors through the crucial too, naught is resetting the theft system. An ext and much more I"m leaning towards being locked the end by the theft system yet I have actually no means of knowing how to reset it. FYI, it"s a 2002 Chrysler T&C Limited.
The STARGARD device I mentioned is one after-market machine that some dealers mounted in all vehicles before sale, then tried to do you pay because that it when you purchase the car. If you made decision not to buy the device, castle merely broke the an essential off in the receptical and left the device in the car. I simply mentioned it since my father"s lamb 1500 has actually one in it that he didn"t buy from the dealer. Every as soon as in a while we need to pull the wiring exploit from the receptical to connect the starter. Perform you see any after-market style LED lamp blinking under the dashboard?? The factory anti-theft device is straightforward to reset. Insert the ignition key in the exterior driver door lock, lock the door v the key, then unlock the door through the key. Shot that and see what happens. Walk you try holding the ignition key in the begin position and also running the selector through the gears? What happened?? RIP"s suggestion about the relay need to be checked next. What were your outcomes here?? Please save us post on her results.
I ran v the gears v the vital turned, nothing. The is the manufacturing facility anti-theft but unlocking and locking the door did nothing, following step is the relays. I"m very frustrated, i was told if it was the anti-theft it would begin briefly and also stall. That doesn"t do anything and it is clean the starter isn"t drawing any type of current. This began suddenly i m sorry realy perplexes me.
Here is an additional trouble shooting step to try. Revolve the ignition come the "On" position, pull the transmission selector into Reverse (R), then examine to check out if the reverse lights are on, ~ above the rear of the vehicle. If they are on, I would certainly suspect the starter relay. If not, and the two bulbs room good, I would suspect a poor neutral safety/reverse irradiate switch in the transmission, or a loose connector at the transmission. The two switches room integral to a solitary device. Try that and also let us know what happens.
Just confirm the relays, especially the starter relay, it shows up all are "clicking" but the one ns really need, the starter relay, I even removed all the others to make sure I was hearing and also feeling it correctly. Does the "Immobilizer defense System" disable every one of this stuff? i really don"t recognize what to do other than tow it come the dealer and also I recognize they will soak me. I assume if the relay isn"t functioning it would show up it is no a starter problem due to the fact that the relay sends power to the starter, looking more toward the security system in mine opinion, would certainly you lean in the direction of that as well? space there fuses under the dash that can be an issue? BTW, prior to you ask, yes, i swapped the relays about with no success. In addition I locked the doors and watched the security system turn top top "flashing red period on the dash" so ns am really perplexed.

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The starter relay only uses 4 of the contacts. #30 is to have power at every times provided by fuse #9. #86 is from the ignitiob switch. #85 is the ground supplied by the pcm. #87 is the calculation to the starter. You have the right to jump 30 to 87 and also see if it will crank. Ck 85 for a ground and also 86 for power with crucial turned to begin position.The absent signal will certainly tell friend what direction you need to go for further diagnosis.